Gleam's Apple iPhone SE2 (one lucky winner) + Google Pixel 4a (one lucky winner) Giveaways

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 9 Jul 2020


Gleam is a marketing platform that helps you run campaigns that help users engage and promote your business.

You may have spent some time reading a few posts on this blog & thought to yourself, what on earth is Gleam?

We’re a small startup based out of Melbourne, Australia building a suite of apps designed to help businesses grow.

Our Apps



Capture allows you to grow your email list by triggering smart Capture popups based on browser behaviours, then you can sync the data in realtime with 30+ supported email providers.

Other uses for Capture:


Grow Your Mailing List With Capture

Check out our helpful documentation for step by step instructions on setting up your own Capture or get started right away!




Competitions make it easy to run engaging viral competitions anywhere. Run it on your own site, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even let partners embed your contest on their site.

Our favourite Competition guides:


Run Your Own Competition

Check out our documentation on setting up your own Competition or get started right away!


Social Galleries


Galleries enable your business to build beautiful media rich galleries that are fed by social images from competitions & #hashtags. These can be used to show off photo competition entries, embed user generated content on your site or use at events to show social media posts from attendees.

Our favourite Gallery guides:


Create Your Own Gallery

Check out our documentation on setting up your own photo gallery or get started now!




Rewards work in a similar fashion to competitions. Except they allow you to build instant redeem coupons, redirects or downloads to help you engage your customers & drive sales.

Our favourite Rewards guides:


Run Your Own Rewards Campaign

Check out our documentation on setting up your own Rewards or get started right away!

GET STARTED 50 Ways You Can Use Gleam

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a guide that highlights 50 ways to use Gleam to grow your business.




Who Uses Gleam?

We have over 5,000+ businesses from around the world using Gleam to power their campaigns, in the last year these campaigns have generated over 900 Million actions – on average our campaigns generate 1.4 actions for every single page impression.

Brands are using Gleam in a number of different ways to engage their existing audience, but also to reach new customers & drive bottom line revenue.

Brands can easily use Gleam to incentivize new product giveaways, run alongside a regular sale, drive coupon downloads, drive email list signups or even allow your customers to submit user generated photos of them using your products.

As a brand one of the most powerful types of marketing that you can do are product giveaways, whether you want to run it on your own site or enable a partner to give the product away for you Gleam has you covered.


Simply design your giveaway, give our widget code to the publisher & you can see entries in realtime. This means you also control how you products are given away by 3rd parties.

E-Commerce Sites


E-Commerce brands use Gleam to generate buzzcollect user generated content, increase sales, increase social activity & also to get feedback on various site features. Take BeardBrand for example, they used Gleam to increase their social following & email list by over 100% in a week.


E-Commerce stores are also now looking to Gleam to help them with behavioural email acquisition. Our powerful Capture platform allows you to show targeted messages to customer segments then automatically sends them to your email provider.

Gleam can also be used to drive coupon redemptionshelp reduce shopping cart abandonment or drive registrations.


Creators of all types use Gleam to grow their community and drive engagement with their audiences.



Win an Apple iPhone SE2

Still holding on to your iPhone 5S or SE? Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity for a long-awaited upgrade.

We're giving away a brand new iPhone SE2 to one lucky winner!
Simply follow the steps below to enter, the winner will be randomly chosen on the 15th of August.

Contest is open worldwide 🌎

Join to the Giveaway

Do simple tasks




Win a Google Pixel 4a


Google is still hush hush on this new Pixel offering, but we'll be the first to snag one for you when it drops!

The brand new Google Pixel 4a will go to one lucky winner

Hurry and enter before because the contest could close anytime! The winner will be randomly chosen on Pixel 4a's release date.

Contest is open worldwide 🌎

Join to the Giveaway

Do simple tasks



Good Luck to ALL!

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