Felixo Exchange + Triple way to earn FLX token!

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 24 Dec 2019

About Felixo Exchange:

Felixo is a crypto asset trading platform that provides advanced services for crypto money traders and global liquidity providers.



Felixo's founding partners are Blockchain developers and have a great deal of experience in software and crypto money trading


Felixo was founded on the rise of interest in crypto money trading and is one of the first professional platforms that contains new generation payment systems.


In addition to advanced trading methods, graphics, alarm and academy features, Felixo will provide access to the Escrow Wallet and OTC market.


Felixo's strategy is to offer unique support, tools and innovations for worldwide professional investors and liquidity providers.

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Felixo Teknoloji ve Yazılım A.Ş.

Ahmediye Mah. Halk Cad. Sunar İş Merk. No:37-39/106

34672 Üsküdar, İstanbul, Türkiye



FLX Coin Infrastructure
$FLX is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum platform.

Supply quantity is fixed with a total of 10 billion tokens.
Although $FLXs should be stored on Felixo.com wallets to benefit from Airdrops, voting, commission discount etc. They can also be stored in soft/hard Ethereum Wallets. (MEW, Ledger Nano, Metamask , Eidoo etc.)

$FLX is a utiliy token to be used on Felixo.com crypto assets trading platform primarily to be used for

Payment of trading commissions
Coin Voting.
Receiving Airdrops from new listings.
Margin Trading
IEO participation
ICO for $FLX is foreseen at Q3 2019, excact date TBA.
10% of total supply will be offered in exchange to $ETH

Softcap: 1.2 million $, 1 $FLX = 0.006$ Until Softcap is reached. (40% Discount until Softcap)
Hard Cap: 5.2 million $, 1 $FLX = 0.010$ After Softcap is reached.
Airdrop/Bounty tokens delivery will be independent from ICO schedule, they will be delivered instantly.
ICO will be held via EThereum smart contract. Same contract will include a funds-back function code, namely any ICO participator can send $FLX and get $ETH back within 3 months after ICO.


You can take part in their Airdrop in 3 ways (all ways are summed up!):


1st WAY (UP to 13,450 FLX + 250 FLX per refferal):

Register on their website  then click tap "Airdrop" and do simple tasks:

- You will earn 500 $FLX when your account is SMS verified.
- Once your document is approved you will earn 1500 $FLX
- You will earn 500 $FLX when you deposit any fiat/crypto asset
Twitter tasks:
- You will earn 50 $FLX when you follow @felixoexchange
- Up to 250 followers, 75 $FLX. After 250 followers, amount of followers as $FLX amount. (Max 10000 $FLX)
- You will earn 100 $FLX when you follow @felixotoken
Telegram tasks:
- You will earn 100 $FLX when you join our @FelixoTurkey group
- You will earn 100 $FLX when you join our @FLX_Global group
- You will earn 100 $FLX when you join our @FLX_Channel channel
Youtube tasks:
- You will earn 200 $FLX when you subscribe to @FelixoExchange channel, like and commment video with your Felixo Reference link
- You will earn 200 $FLX when you subscribe to @FelixoToken channel, like and commment video with your Felixo Reference link
Discord task:
You will earn 100 $FLX when you join our @$FLX Community channel
Content Creation Award (Up to 100.000 $FLX)
- Create a content about Felixo Exchange and Felixo Token in any platform. (blog, website , youtube , twitter, facebook, bitcointalk etc. You name it !! ) Include your FELIXO referral link at the end of the content.
- The amount you will earn will be depending on the quality of the content and the size of the community it reaches. (We will help you to make it reach a broader extent if it is a genuine content).
We will make a Fair and generous evaluation. (You can trust us on that )

2nd WAY (250 FLX + 45 FLX per refferal)

 Start telegram Bot:

- Create a Felixo Account (40 tokens)

- Join the Telegram Group (35 tokens)

- Join the Telegram Channel (45 tokens)

- Follow on Twitter (40 tokens)

- Watch & Like Video (45 tokens)

- Subscribe on YouTube (45 tokens)

3rd WAY (Up to 562,5 FLX)

- Join to the Buzzin Bounty  and do simple social media tasks - my post about Buzzin Bounty on publish0x

Good luck to All Cryptohunters!!!


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