Earn CREDIT by mining based on POS algorithm + 0.01% trading fee & 0% withdrawal fee. Latest Updates

Earn CREDIT by mining based on POS algorithm + 0.01% trading fee & 0% withdrawal fee. Latest Updates

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 5 Aug 2020

Disclaimer: None of the above content is to be considered financial advice.
Everything written here is for informational purposes only.
Always do your own research when investing in cryptocurrencies and always invest an amount that you can afford to lose.


I'm in this project since the middle of October 2019 and they have completed all conditions according to their roadmap at this time (since 16 November 2018 - 90% of their roadmap in less than 2yrs.)!

Offical website


Already listed on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko

You can buy/sell CREDIT with trading pair CREDIT/USDT on the exchanges (no KYC!):
- Bitforex (28th rank on CMC) - there is no min. deposit amount & min. withdrawal amount - 10 USDT + fee 2 USDT
- Hotbit (70th rank on CMC) - there is no min. deposit amount & min. withdrawal amount - 1 USDT + fee 1 USDT
- Crex24 (96th rank on CMC) - there is no min. deposit amount & no min. withdrawal amount + fee 2 USDT
- Catex (194th rank on CMC) - there is no min. deposit amount & min. withdrawal amount - 5 USDT + fee 1 USDT

On the August, 1st Credit (CREDIT) was swapped to the TerraCredit (CREDIT) with rate 1000:1

Now reward is 10% annually

Proposals and voting will see TerraCredit turn into a DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organisation that will only produce 1 Billion coins over the next 100 years.

- Unrivaled accessibility focused on mobile users
- Extremely fast, low cost transactions
- Transparent and decentralized blockchain
- Easy mining with a wide range of wallets

General information about this project


Already listed on CoinMarketCap




Your alternative to cash.

Terra has designed CREDIT to provide free and fast Blockchain-based payments with the flexibility to improve and adapt to an ever-changing Financial and Crypto environment. CREDIT ticks all the boxes as a cryptocurrency and offers a decentralised digital payment solution to the worlds unbanked adult population. Its core function is to be a medium of exchange to facilitate digital transactions.

CREDIT employs Proof of Stake (POS) which allows any user to become a block producer. Block producers support the network and get rewarded with new coins for doing so.

Smarter technology

Can be used with a wide range of wallets

Instantly transferable between accounts

Facilitates online and physical payments

Zero transaction fees

Terrabit is a fully featured and highly secure cryptocurrency exchange with 0 trade fee's and 1 % bonus for life.

MiniPOS is changing people's life. People are earning passive income every hour by CREDIT staking.

MiniPOS is a digital wallet that mines CREDIT auto on any device for 100% profit per year.

Read about PoS mining algorithm



About Terrabit:

Terrabit is an all-inclusive web and mobile application supported by Terrabit, a highly secure and super-fast centralised cryptocurrency exchange, payment platform and Crypto mining. The App was designed to keep your funds safe at all times while allowing you access to it whenever you need it. Terrabit makes it effortless to send money, to pay for goods or to receive payments for services. It’s easy crypto management on the go!

Achieve financial freedom today.

Who uses Terrabit?
"Terrabit was developed in South Africa for Africa, but it’s so good the whole world is benefiting from our innovative products. Our growth markets are in:
South Africa

Transparent, sustainable, secure, feasible, and user-friendly.

1. Time of Transfer:

- from the Primary wallet to the MiniPOS wallet (min. amount 10 CREDIT) - 30 seconds.

from the MiniPOS wallet to the Primary wallet (min. amount 10 CREDIT) - 30 seconds.

2. They are developing mobile applications for Android & IOS!


Manage crypto on the go.
All you need is a smartphone to get started with our fast and secure digital wallet.
- Buy, sell and store crypto and fiat currencies
- Make money by mining coins via the web
- Make and accept payments in store or online
- QR Enabled to easily Pay for goods and services


3. You can buy/sell CREDIT for ZAR/NGN (click tap "Dashboard" on the main panel) - not available now!

4. Terrabit has it own Exchange (just click tap "Exchange" on the main panel").

5. You can use any type of CREDIT wallets (if you need) - just click here


Social Media:

Telegram group 1

Telegram group 2







African-Based Cryptocurrency CREDIT is Thriving in Emerging Markets


Registration process (step by step guide)

Extra 5% mining bonus per refferal (5 levels ref. system: 5-3-2-1-0.1%)

Register on terrabit

Ref code: 18816MsKEkC3 - thank you all!

Don't forget to verify email address & enable Google 2FA + set security PIN!

1. You need to pass the simple KYC procedure (document photo only)




2. You need to deposit minimum 10 CREDIT~$0,18 (as of 05.08.2020) - after suссess deposit go to - User Control -> Wallets -> My Wallets -> search CREDIT - Click on the gear icon -> then click "Transfer". Then enter amount of CREDIT which would you like to transfer (Min. amount - 10 CREDIT). Click icon "Transfer"  - and enjoy 24/7 passive income!

3. Earning History

You always can check you earning history: Go to -> User Control -> Wallets -> My Wallets -> search CREDIT - Click on the gear icon -> then click "MiniPOS Earning History".

4. Withdrawal

Go to - User Control -> Wallets -> My Wallets -> search CREDIT - Click on the gear icon -> then click "Withdrawal"

Minimum withdrawal amount - 1 CREDIT. Maximum withdrawal amount - 100,000,000,000 CREDIT


COMING SOON (Early 2021)




If you have any questions or wishes either suggestions - leave you comment below!



Everything is OK!

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