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Statera is mentioning a 38% annual yield at the low end, with practically unlimited potential to grow even more than that? What do you think when you read something like this? Is all this DEFI market going crazy? Not really, but sometimes is moving faster that you can assimilate and learn, and if you are few days later, you can miss the road to your next Lambo'. 




But what is Statera, you may ask, even as we keep hearing about Balancer, yearn, STATERA, aave and many others? Statera is an Ethereum-powered deflationary token pegged to an index fund (using ETH, LINK, BTC, SNX and Statera). This is a simple and effective way to invest in digital assets, with a low entry barrier to more advanced tools (if you do not mind sky-high ETH mining fees, of course). Their motto is ''Cryptocurrency in every portfolio' and they claim to be community driven and community focused. Their key values are:


-Decentralization - through a smart contract

-Deflationary token burning 1% every time a transaction occur. Statera deflation will produce positive price pressure and it will reduce volatility for funds holding it in. 

-Pegged to an index fund (10% LINK, 10% BTC, 10% SNX, 30% ETH, 40% STATERA DELTA token)a9f1770a60c8af7e38bebde95e2761858939a689b2422971845e2c780990e3a1.png

But wait, there is even more to it: 


Everybody probably heard that the point of failure in the Balancer pool hack was the deflationary quality of Statera and STONK tokens. They reimbursed everything except the loss of those 2 tokens, loss supported by their respective teams. In response to that, Statera team said:

''We sincerely empathize with everyone who lost their funds during the previous exploit and we will refund those affected. As a team we also lost multiple six figures and a lot of that was just our personal money, we are as devastated as many of our community members. We want to assure the entire community, and ourselves, that this won’t happen again. This was the reason why DELTA Token was introduced to the system. DELTA enables STA to continue fulfilling its vision as an Indexed Deflationary Token (IDT). With Delta all deflation happens securely on Uniswap, you can include Delta on any platform and instantly bring deflation to it. For Balancer (or any platform) to get Delta it has to buy Delta on Uniswap (which uses STA, again, on Uniswap), also when it buys Delta that creates arbitrage where Delta can be minted or unminted for a better price than the market has (minting and unminting causes more deflation). Our pool now has all ERC-20 standard tokens in it. With this, it is as secure as every Balancer Pool, there are Balancer Pools with over 10 million dollars in them, so if there was an exploit it would have been exploited by now. Our contract has been audited (and it was not exploited in the hack, it’s code did what it was supposed to do, the exchange code did not), Balancer Labs has been audited twice and is going through a third audit, Uniswap has been audited at least twice and has worked with deflationary tokens for years. You can read more about our solution here https://medium.com/@stateraproject/statera-phoenix-e80d77c44f7b.''

After so many advantages, it is normal to go through the risks also:


Ups, so Statera delta, was this not called Statera? So, we got Statera (STA) which allows the holder to benefit from the price. We got Statera Delta token, and ERC20 token made from 50% ETH/50% STA, earning user fees, being tradable, can be added to Phoenix fund with possible yearly yield of at least 36%. We also have Statera Delta Liquidity token, another ERC20 token made from 75%ETH/25%STA, earning user fees, but being non-tradable. Just check bellow for the infos.


Ok now serious bussines, what i would like to see from Statera in the future? Not much, but i do have some ideas. First, after all the headache derived from ERC-20 and ETH network limitations, it would be nice to have a Statera being blockchain agnostic. But wait, G., what the heck that means? We have many blockchain protocols, and few more are added to their number every week. You may have heard of some: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Elrond, Waves, Binance Chain, Hyperledger, Neo and TRON. They can be public or private, specialised or used for Dapps, slow or fast, and, in the light of this knowledge, Blockchain agnosticism is simple: we have a single platform that allows multiple different blockchains. I think this is the future, and Binance made a step in this direction by using Syscoin bridge technology to make her own stablecoin more competitive (see about this here). So, Statera available on multiple blockchains, this will be awesome. I understand that this implies a lot of work and testing, but one can only dream, right?

My second idea, given Statera mission and allignment with finances, will be for real life, practical use, denominating debts and contracts in a safe, imutable way. I know that most of the market uses dollar-denominated debts, but this will be a thing of the past in few decades, and Statera can have the opportunity to be the first on the market. 

I hope you can read this and consider the potential of any of these two ideas. 

Kind regards



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