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Motto: 'What do we want?

Time travel.

When do we want it?

It is irrelevant.' 



Whom in the right mind will start a crypto-market post with a quantum physics joke? Me, as you guess it, just because sometimes you may find easier to understand the relativity theory than the today crypto-market environment. Yes, indeed, it is E = mc2,  

Exchanges. Centralized exchanges. Decentralized exchanges. Sidechain atack vectors. Poor liquidity. We are bombarded daily with so many informations, adds, expressions, technicalities. How can we look through all the noice and take the right decision? In the end, we want our money to be safe, we want our transactions to be fast, and our rewards to be unlimited. When we want it? Yesterday, if possible. I was looking at this trading interface. What do you think?




Let's go straight to bussiness. We are complaining about the fees, when we think about the centralised exchanges. And the big target on their back, they are prone to hacking. We all remember Mt. Gox failure, even now. As you have the crypto stored on the exchange, the expression ''not your key, not your crypto'' can be the start of your nightmare. We then developed the decentralised exchange as the solution, but this solution came with few problems of its own. Many small decentralized exchanges have low success rate for the trade executions (they sometimes group together for liquidity aggregators, but this is prone to centralization), so poor liquidity, high latency, not enough trading pairs and many have centralized designs. So you may look for one Dex with less fees, good trading options and swaps (I may even think of crosschain trading). 


The technical boring part:

Incentive chain is an end to end decentralized protocol allowing decentralized perpetual swaps, futures, margin and spot trading. They aim to be trustless, publicly verifiable, censorship resistant and, most important, front running resistant. They will use a layer-2 sidechain and Cosmos Zone connected to Ethereum. So you can transfer and trade Ethereum based assets. 

Everything is open sourced, from the frontend exchange interface, backend infrastructure, smart contracts and orderbook liquidity. Their aim is to increase the access to Decentralized Finance to everyone, anywhere in the world. The mainnet is launching in the third quarter of 2020 (and you can subscribe your email now for beta testing). The main bets are on new decentralized futures and derivatives market, cross chain trading and integration of more Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms. 

And i just noticed that they have the support of BinanceLabs Incubation project. Which is an added bonus. 









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