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$250 in USDT Injective Protocol Explainer Contest: #InjectiveExplained


Competition: Explain Injective Protocol Content Contest - #InjectiveExplained

Prize Pool: $250  in USDT - Top 5 posts + 2 Special Prizes!


Injective Protocol, the first layer-2 derivatives DEX is getting ready to launch! We would like to run an official competition as a way to celebrate the great variety of crypto community members who have and will create content about Injective Protocol. We are stoked to have this creative contest which will stimulate content around Injective Protocol and our innovations.


Create a unique blog post of written content. The post needs to explain the Injective Protocol ethos and ecosystem, and how it will address problems in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Your title should have "Injective Protocol" and "DEX" or "decentralized exchange".

You can produce images or videos to accompany your written content.


We have $250 in prizes! 

$210 going to the top 5 articles:

  • 1st - $150
  • 2nd - $50
  • 3rd - $30
  • 4th - $20
  • 5th - $10

The remaining $40 will be split evenly:

  • ‘Most Creative Content’ - $20
  • ‘Most Popular Post on Twitter' -  $20


  • Write/publish the blogpost on Publish0x. 
  • Tag your post with #InjectiveExplained (so we can track submissions easily)
  • Tweet your blogpost and tag @InjectiveLabs & add #InjectiveExplained (If you don’t tweet you won’t be eligible to win the ‘Most Popular Post on Twitter’ Prize)


Start: 4th June 2020

End: 11th June 2020

We will announce the winners a few days after the submission deadline.


Originality is key to winning this competition! We highly encourage participants to read through all the published material from Injective Protocol and generate your own unique voice in your content. Make sure you stay informed by checking out our official website, our Whitepaper, and all our social media handles.

Reference Materials

Here are some sources for reference:

For enquiries, please contact the team at [email protected]

Check out our social media handles to stay up to date:

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Injective Protocol was one of eight projects accepted in the Binance Labs incubation program in 2018.The Injective protocol ecosystem features the Injective Chain, Injective Exchange, and Injective Futures.

injective protocol
injective protocol

The first front-running resistant, Layer-2 exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of borderless finance.

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