There is no fate, you are destined to win - Day 57

There is no fate, you are destined to win - Day 57

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​Before I start, I need to confess my sins. I FOMOed and I bought another 50 Chaos Legion packs. And then somebody will come and say something like ''You are so lucky to do all this, to afford to buy all of them''. This kind of remarks will always annoy me. As the ones with people telling me about their bad luck, some even lost their lifetime savings in crypto. Scammed or not, or maybe just investing bad, this is the thing.

I may appear to be insensitive, and I will say some stuff that are not so popular, but I will say it anyway. There is no good luck, there is no bad luck. There is no luck. It may appear to be luck, but it is not. How, you will tell me, look at it, those people receive their CryptoPunks for free, and now they are worth thousands. You forget something. Let's just use my own example. I can afford now to invest 500$ on some random token, on the whim, and not care about, but two years ago I was only investing 50$ at the time (even on Splinterlands, where I used to buy cards for 50$ now and then, last year) and 4 years ago I was paying 5$ to experiment with some new tokens called Litecoin or Ethereum Classic.

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There is no luck, there is only a lot of learning and achieving mastery, until you make it to look easy, even when it is not. Few years ago I will pick 3 out of 5 good projects, and lose on the remaining 2. Last year I was like 9 out of 10, and this year all the projects I picked were winners. And no, I did not invested in Floki or Shiva. Even if I got some thousand of Doge from a long forgoten faucet, which I sold close to the top price.

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This is how I started, and if you check the year, is January 2015. I was thimking I am late to the party, funny enough, with Bitcoin reaching 200$. Boy, how wrong I was! And time, time is your ally when you are not greedy, and your enemy when you you look for a fast way to get rich. Sad to tell you, there is not fast way, for the 99.99% of us, and every time you need to put in the effort, the work, into it, if you want to achieve your wildest dreams. Probably one day, people who bought BTC at 50K will look behind and laugh, thinking how they were the ones that believed they are late to the party.

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Back to the main idea. Any success story will tell you about work, the work that needs to be done, most probably 5-10 times more than what are you doing right now. You need to sacrifice the now, in order to achieve the future you deserve. I am looking for solid projects, with a great team, trying to solve real problems. First time that I met one of those, I recognize it right away. I did something that I am not doing often. I took a loan. A small one, and I paid it with money that I use to do with Matched betting (another one of my many side hustles). This one didn't put any pressure on my monthly expenses. Rule number one: do not be greedy. But always use the great opportunities. Back to the main story. This is the project that I liked, and at that time I have also believed that I was expensive.

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$45 for this new token called Ethereum. Are you mad? What they can bring that Bitcoin did not have already? Yes, now all these discussions seems funny, but back then we did not know that much about all this crypto stuff. We could see the potential, but that was all, a bunch of crazy developers with a dream. People were laughing taking a first look at Vitalik. Who is this scrawny guy telling us that he will change the world as we know it?

But I tend to digress. The idea is, that whatever I do know, effortessly, took me more than 6 years of continuously learning and applying what I have learned. I got good times, I got bad times, but I never stop. Take Splinterlands as example. I think I started somewhere in October 2020, and I did my daily quest every day from back then until now. Some will take a look on my account and think that it is worth a lot, but all that I invested in cards was 500-600$, in 50$ batches. And I saved DEC after DEC, to be where I am now. Still not at the top, as my summoners are only level 6. But this is a story for another time. Take Hive for example. At the beginning, I used Hive only for Splinterlands, but after one month or two, thanks to some persistent friends, I got interested in Leo Finance. So I start to read, and to write on a blog after that. Not for the rewards, as there it was not to receive when I just started. I write because I like it. And if it happen to get only one reader per post, and to make his day, that is enough for me.

But, as you do it day after day, your persistence will eventually pay off. You are never too late, even if you need to start again, over and over. Look at @belemo, loosing a big part of his portfolio after being hacked. Did he stop? No, because his mindset is programmed for success, and even if he lost, he learned from it.

Shall I start to talk about bad luck? There is not bad luck either, there is only a wrong atitude, and that can be changed. It is very easy to learn about it. Just look around. At your friends. See how the lucky ones react to the bad news. Learn from this. See how the unlucky ones react to the good news. Learn from that too. In the end, you will realize that there is no bad luck or good luck. In this blessed world, you cannot even die before you agree to it (Yes, you can agree to it years before it happens, accepting bad habits and refusing to change and to adopt good ones, but once again, this is a story for another time.).

So, learn, observe, and change your perspective. There is no good luck, there is no bad luck. There is no luck. There is only work, hard work, that you need to agree to do it, again and again, until you decide that you reached the end of the journey. As always, the journey itself is the reward, most of the times. The rewards waiting for you at the finish line are nothing more then a by-product of your hard work.

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