The shadow pangolin - strike two (Just some random Crypto News)

  • In a surprising turn of events, one of the biggest BTC wallet moved all the 101857 bitcoins, creating mass panic and a total loss of 12% of BTC price, all the way to $10500 from a promising $11950. Ether followed shortly with 20% drop, from $408 to $326. As you can see, they rec overed the most of the drop by now, and hopefully they will continue to grow. BTC is more likely to do it first, as many of the future positions were liquidated in the past few days, creating a void in the future market. Ethereum is not that likely to follow the same pash, with many of its future positions still present on the market. 

  • We are told that behind the Twitter hack is a 17 year old, Graham Ivan Clark from Florida, helped by 22 year old Nima Fazeli from Florida and 19 year old Mason Sheppard from Bognor Regis, UK. In the underground world, they were known as "Chaewon" - Mason Sheppard, "Rolex" - Nima Fazeli and "Kirk" Graham Ivan Clark. Funny enough, as they promoted some Twitter accountS selling on OGUsers forum, the FBI used a copy of the OGUsers forum database that leaked online in April this year after the forum got hacked to find their real names and addresses. The irony!
  • will swap the MCO token with CRO, finishing once for all with all the confusing simultaneous use of two coins. I find this change being very beneficial for the future of this company, and it will make it much easier and accesible to more clients. After the announcement MCO price increased by 36%. It is starting from 3rd of August 6 AM, First you need to update the app for the latest version. The you follow the steps, and it is done. You may also have 20% bonus if you do it early. 
  • JUST was just pumped nicely, with more than 70% increase. Ampleforth is still swinging around, being down to $0.93 today. 
  • I have tried unsuccesfully to set up Clay app from Golem, but after few tries, BIOS resseting and few more gimmicks, still did not work, so i gave up. I am sad, as i like their project, but i will try again after few more updates, when they may hopefully make it a bit better. 
  • As today could as well be 1st of April, everything is a joke. Celsius network changed their pin requirements from 4 to 6 numbers, but apparently no combination is good or strong enough to be accepted. I contacted Help and informed them of the bug. Let's see how fast they will sort this out. 

May the force be with you!



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