Stellar wallet scam - BEWARE!

Stellar wallet scam - BEWARE!

Seems to be a scam weekend regalia these days. After Wirecard bancrupcy, we got a group targeting people for their Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Stellar (XLM) is well known for their fantastic airdrops, and apparently lately there is a frantic activity to replicate their success, but this time is a scam, a very elaborate one, and you may be warned that at the moment Stellar Foundation is not involved in any airdrop, so please, do not give away for free your hard earned XLM tokens. 

Apparently there is a network of scammers, very active on different platforms, especially on Facebook.

This is a scammer link, but as soon as one is reported and taken down, other appears. 

The message on facebook looks similar to this one:

Congratulations! You are one active users who are lucky to get 5000 lumens XLM from Monthly XLM Staking Airdrop Program!

Stellar will distribute 16,500,000 XLM staking rewards as detailed below:

Stellar will begin taking daily snapshots of user XLM balances at 00:00 AM UTC. Each round will award 30,000 lumens for 3 lucky active users.

Rewards this week:
1st : 15,000 XLM
2nd : 10,000 XLM
3rd : 5,000 XLM

Claim Lumens :!/

For help and more info contact our support team :

Enjoy hassle-free staking rewards – Happy trading!

Thank you for your support!

© 2019 Stellar Development Foundation. All rights reserved.

You may think that the URL is, but it is not, it is a subdomain of It looks like the authentic Stellar website, but it is a fake, and BEWARE, all that they want are your private keys. NEVER ever use them if you are not 100% sure that you are on the right website. It is a classical spear phishing example.

(Find more about wallets and private key in this article)

They are also very active on the email, and you may receive and email similar to this:


This is even worst, as you are prompted to download the new Stellar Wallet, and this can be anything from keylogger (stealing all your usernames and passwords) to ransomware. (No, i was not curious to download it, and you shouldn't be either). As you guess, another elaborate scam, this time with a fancy twist. 

Always remember, if yuo want to know about any airdrop, however valuable it is, let's say we are talking about Stellar here. You are going on the official Stellar website, by typing in your browser, and you read in there. Do not download anything, do not click any link provided by facebook or any other platform/email, unless you trust the source (even our trust may be misleaded, as they were cases when official channels were hacked). 

Rule of thumb: If it is too good to be true, it is not true. 

Take care and be alert!






Their real website:






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