My Rental adventure 2023 - 35 weeks later, as I went on a shopping spree





Splinterlands latest news are:

  • Land feature is already tested on the Maverick server and the few pics available are looking awesome.
  • The Land 1.5 upgrade is happening in September, I believe, there are quite a few bugs to be sorted out, and it will be a lot of DEC ready to be traded, to get all those lands ready. I am not yet prepared, with probably enough cards for maybe 20 lands, and not enough DEC yet. Runi are ready to be used on this upgrade, we were told. Check the latest news in here:
  • You can now buy Riftwatchers with DEC. 5000 for 1 pack. They are also getting burned too, daily.
  • GLX and GLUSD are now accepted to buy Credits in-game on Splinterlands. Y0u need to have them on the Hive-Engine, though. Tested the cash-to-crypto payment too, works quite well, even with the card, Apple Pay and GPay.
  • Check the new updated roadmap, we are getting there, with some work to be done on the land feature soon, but there is some worrying feeling, as quite few old-time players stopped being active in the game, with the profit going down. We need new players, and some easy way to onboard them. This is the improvement that I would like to see.




As for my Splinterlands plans, this season was awful, as I dropped all the way to Gold II, not so proud,as My Chaos Legion core cards are all max level now, and the leveling of the Riftwatchers cards is on the schedule, with few more cards upgraded. I may try Wild to see how is it going for now. I may focus on upgrading some of my summoners next, now that they are cheaper then before, as we were informed that they will not be used for land.

Rental stats:

***@Mightyrocklee’s **

Cards 758/796


CP: 1,273,274.75 (5,775) (107,034.25)

Account Worth: 11,970.956 $

Rental Income: 88.120/123.790 DEC

4.6% y ROA

Rental Expenses: 0.000 DEC

For Sale: 54.000 $

As I have started this few seasons ago (beginning of November 2022), these are my stats:

Chaos Legion packs unopened: 443 (0)

Riftwatchers packs bought: 203 (+30)

Riftwatchers packs unopened: 40 (+30) another 10 packs and I got the 50 extra that I wanted.

Cards upgraded and rented: I went a bit of shopping mad, upgrading some essential cards as I started to sell lands.

Aquatus, the Water epic summoner, fully maxxed up.


Dallan, the Death epic summoner, fully maxxed up.


Sthispa, the Dragon epic summoner, upgraded to level 5.


Then, other Riftwatchers card, Runecrafter fully maxxed up to level 10.


Arachne Thug working towards level 8, with another 33 BCX bought.


Night Ghoul to level 7, gaining +1 Armor


Runic Skyclaw to level 5, to gain Reflection Shield, needed to counter Yodin Zaku.


Whelp Herder, to level 5, to gain Snare, to use against flying.


And then some older cards, to use on Brawls, starting with Arkemis the Bear, fully maxxed up, very expensive this one!


Naga Brute to level 6, gaining +1 Health.


Dragon Spirit to level 3, gaining Immunity.


Pelacor Conjurer Gold to level 7, as it only needed few BCX to get there.


Wave Runner Gold to level 6, gaining +1 Speed, as only needed few BCX.


Demented Shark Gold to level 5, gaining +1 Health, as I added few missing BCX.


Gargoya Lion Gold to max level 10, as it was cheap to do it, for Land


The time is near. I was upgrading key cards, but now I need to get some DEC into my wallet, waiting for the land feature to be unveiled. The strategy was to use the DEC from rentals to upgrade fully the Riftwatchers set, but the renting profit plummeted lately. ( I have left to upgrade 9 common, 12 rare, 4 epics and 6 legendary cards). I want to buy some max level Gold and legendary cards, if possible, to get 5 lands fully prepared (1 Keep and 1 Castle, and the 3 occupied ones, at first). In the same time I need to get some more RW packs, already started to buy them, one by one, 30 more this week. 10 more to reach 50 packs, now that CL ended, and use the GLX and SPS rewarded from now on to upgrade some more cards. Vouchers still go on Tribaldex for more SPS farming (Voucher - Hive pair). I started to sell the land, as 1.5 upgrade is close, 5 common lands per week until I finish selling the common ones. I will adjust the strategy as I go.

All the best,



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