My Rental adventure 2023 - 35 weeks later, as I got a bot to play for me





Splinterlands latest news are:

  • It is quiet later, but we are almost finished with the Riftwatchers, with 54K left to be sold, and then the last airdrop card to be ready.
  • Rebellion packs are here, on presale, sooner than expected, 96 cards, including two limited-edition promo cards available only during the presale. Once on, the Untamed set, including Azmare and Dice, will move from Modern Format to only Wild one. We were told that one pack will cost 5K DEC or 4k DEC + 5 Vouchers. 100 packs will provide 5% bonus, 500 packs 10% bonus, and 2000 packs 15% bonus. Presale starts on October 18th, up to 30 days or until 500K packs are sold. There are 198K out of 500K left on presale.
  • Land feature is already tested on the Maverick server and the few pics available are looking awesome. I spend all my DEC on Rebellion packs and now I need to save it all over again, with 218K/2.000K for now.
  • The Land 1.5 upgrade is happening this year, I believe, there are quite a few bugs to be sorted out, and it will be a lot of DEC ready to be traded, to get all those lands ready. I am not yet prepared, with probably enough cards for maybe 20 lands, and not enough DEC yet. Runi are ready to be used on this upgrade, we were told. Check the latest news in here:
  • GLX and GLUSD are now accepted to buy Credits in-game on Splinterlands. Y0u need to have them on the Hive-Engine, though. Tested the cash-to-crypto payment too, works quite well, even with the card, Apple Pay and GPay.

As for my Splinterlands plans, this season I am at Gold I, the newly acquired bot seems to be decent, almost reaching Diamond I. Hopping to push it to Diamond II at least, as the leveling of the Riftwatchers cards is on the schedule, with few more cards upgraded. I am only doing Wild to see how is it going for now. I may focus on upgrading some of my summoners next, one left for Riftwatchers, now that they are cheaper then before, as we were informed that they will not be used for land.

Rental stats:

***@Mightyrocklee’s **

Cards 729/767


CP: 1,364,042.25 (5,775) (79,776.75)

Account Worth: 8,845.799 $

Rental Income: 74.770/118.940 DEC

5.9% y ROA

Rental Expenses: 0.000 DEC

For Sale: 0.000 $

As I have started this few seasons ago (beginning of November 2022), these are my stats:

Chaos Legion packs unopened: 458 (+2)

Riftwatchers packs bought: 213 (ZERO)

Riftwatchers packs unopened: 50 (ZERO) I got the 50 extra that I wanted.

Rebellion packs: 550

DEC: 218k/2000k

Cards upgraded and rented:

Upgraded some cards to max level, getting ready for the land, starting with a Celestial Harpy:


A Legendary Jared Scar, making some profits as rental already:


A Djinn Renova, as it was high level:


And a Hardy Stonefish, seems to be good as rental.


Then I just level up some cards that are cheap on the market, a Sunkai Harvester to level 6.


A Demented Shark to level 7, gaining +1 HP and +1 Speed.


A Kulu Swimhunter to level 6.


An Angelic Mandarin to level 4.


And to end up, for Riftwatchers series, an Ash Mirage to level 5, aiming for that Reflection Shield at level 6.

Got the 500+50 free packs on Rebellion pre-sale, and the 50 Riftwatchers packs, as an investment, aiming to sell them in 1-2 years time. The strategy was to use the DEC from rentals to upgrade fully the Riftwatchers set, but the renting profit plummeted lately. ( I have left to upgrade 7 common, 12 rare, 1 epics and 6 legendary cards). I am also upgrading cards to max level, when possible, to get 5 lands fully prepared (1 Keep and 1 Castle, and the 3 occupied ones, at first). I am rebuilding the DEC, as liquidity on Tribaldex, using DEC/HIVE and DEC/SPS. I bought one Archmage Beta token and I setup the bot to play instead of me, as I am to busy right now with real-life stuff and couldn't play optimally. I will adjust the strategy as I go.

All the best,



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