My financial independence story - Crypto adventures - 2024 - Week 25 (Saturday Savers edition)


So, 2024, as a new year. Big plans. I managed to divided into 4 sections, Plan A related to Hive and Leo, where the main focus will be. Than the Plan B, different key numbers for tokens that either drip or pay, mostly Hive, but few others too, if they have a good APR. Plan C following, mostly related to some layer 2 Hive tokens, that I use for curations or gaming, aswell all Splinterlands related stuff, cards upgrades and active land, SPS and SPT. And the last one, Plan D, cryptocurrencies I would like to have outside Hive, containing a little retirement nest, with stablecoins, shares, cash and some other crypto. So, let's start with the numbers:

Plan A - Hive and LEO

  • Hive account 1 - used mainly for Splinterlands related stuff, and curation - 72815/550.000Hive, 55K target completed, 550k as new target, as I became an Orca in February, the only one left is 12 monthly Power-ups - 6/12.
  • LEO - 32401/35000 and 6/12 LEO Power-ups.

Milestones achieved:

  • Hive account 2 - used to write, mostly poetry, with at least one weekly big post about crypto-market, with 2500/2500 Hive achieved and 1200/1200 HBD.
  • Hive account 3 - experimental account - reached Minnow level with 550 Hive and already got 50/50 HBD. Experiment closed, will do auto-curation following 3 curation trails.

Plan B - Drip tokens

  • CROP - 6212/20.000

Milestones achieved:

  • ARCHON - Reached top 10 Holders
  • DBOND - 20/20
  • SIM - 1.000.000/1.000.000
  • INDEX - 550/550
  • EDS - 350/350
  • ALIVE - 10K/10K
  • DappRadar tokens - 30000/30000
  • LGN - 150/150
  • DAB - 10/10

Plan C - Splinterlands and gaming

  • ZING 47.366/50.000
  • POB 6.311/10.000
  • All lands active 75/75 full: No
  • Riftwatchers - Upgrades in progress: All common cards to level 8
  • Rebellion - Upgrades in progress: All rare cards to level 4

Milestones achieved:

  • SPS 150K/150K
  • BBH 100.000/100.000
  • ONEUP 111.111/111.111
  • SPT 1.168.394/1.200.000
  • WOO 50.000/50.000
  • CTP 5000/5000
  • AWE 1/1
  • Bought 25 wagons for the Conflicts Aidrop
  • Riftwatchers - Upgrades done: All common cards to level 7
  • Riftwatchers - Upgrades done: All rare cards to level 4
  • Rebellion - Upgrades done: All common cards to level 5

Plan D - Crypto and nest egg

  • Emergency cash - 79%
  • Shares account 1 - 16%
  • Shares account 2 - 10%

Milestones achieved:

  • Across Bridge liquidity - ETH - 100%, Stablecoins 100%
  • BNB - 1/1
  • KCS 2000/2000
  • BTC 0.01/0.01

This week two major targets were achieved, Hive Orca achievement with more than 55K Hive and the liquidity that I wanted to provide on Across Protocol on both ETH and stablecoins.

So, what is the plan? The main priority is to achieve more Hive, with Leo secondary. Hive is down, so I just buy more when I can. No more drip tokens for now, only 6K/20K CROP. The third section is mostly made from tokens used either for curation or gaming, with land and cards needed to be upgraded on Splinterlands. The fourth part is what I call a future next egg, starting to build my emergent financial independence plan, focusing on the cash first. Managed to start saving on my ISA. That's all folks, simple and elegant!

All the best,



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