How to become a crypto expert instantly - Metrics and aggregators (Part 2 of 2)

In order to understand better this post, you may want to read the Part 1 first. I was introducing you there to some basic metrics used to measure the cryptocurrency. Today i will explain a bit more, how to use data aggregators to see, hear and understand the most used metrics using a visual method. 

I will showsome of the websites that i use when i do research, and my advice to you is to experiment with them, some you may know, some may be new to you, just go through them, check what they can offer, and use whatever is good for you, making your own set of tool. The aggregators are websites collecting and presenting market data, they are free to use, have highly customisable dashboard, Premium services, paid or free API. They offer different services, and some may suit you better than the others. (Side note: technically, API stands for Application Programming Interface and they are used to make specific actions as the APIs allow them to complete the action without leaving your website.)

1. Tradingview - this is quite interesting and it is not what you may expect, as it is used motstly for stocks and shares, but they also got a cryptocurrency area. Believe me, different is good. You can check cryptomarkket cap and volume (in $) and companies or products related to cryptomarket, just to mention few of their advantages. This is more like a traditional market view on cryptocurrencies. You can see a screenshot bellow.



2. Coinlib - you can see here live and historic cryptocurrency prices, news, charts and coin rankings. You can track your portfolio, set up price alerts and use other advanced tools. You can check and set your own time interval, select the coins that you need, enable and disable and personalise everything to a great detailed page. You can see the metrics we talked about: bitcoin dominance, total market value, coinmarket cap and many others. You can see bellow a printscreen of the website and another one of a random coin (XTZ). I like their portfolio tracker, where you can add your coins from the exchange and various wallets, via API or manually, and track your cryptocurrencies. 





3. Coin360 - if you, like me, are a visual type of learner, this one is the number 1 website to see everything clearly. It is a huge heatmap, and you just need to hover over the coins/tokens to get more info. You have the classical colour themed choice (red if it is going down, green if it is going up - and if you didn't know, you just found the reason behind some trading expressions like 'green day' or 'i finished the week in red'). Click on the coin you want for the full info. As you can see bellow, this is how the website looks and how the coin is presented. 






4. - this is one of my favourites, highly customisable screeners and trustworthy informations. You can make your own screeners, such as staking coins, Defi coins and many other choices. This website has unique filtering options, detailed for each cryptocurrency. I will show you bellow a print screen for one of my screeners and for one random coin (SNX). 






5. CoinMarketCap - this is the market standard tool and most of the people are using it. It is very intuitive, easy to learn how to use and can provide detailed information for each cryptocurrency. It is also a good way to look for detailed historical data. But they are often accused of lack of transparency and less than legitimate bussinesses promotion. If you had sometimes that dodgy feeling when you where using this website, yes, they are sometimes less than honest, at least by omission. You can see bellow a printscreen of the website and of one random coin (SNX).






6. CoinGecko - this is a good aggregator with decent informations about cryptomarket cap, news sections and few more. What makes this website different that others is a very good exchange ratings list and BEAM - a section with project updates done directly by the teams working on the projects. And few more useful features that you can find only on their website (shall i let you to discover this as homework, once you learn about all these websites?). As usual, printscreen of the website and one random coin (SNX).






7. Cryptocompare - this is the last one on our list for today. You can access large amounts of data in here, assets list, exchange list and a very interesting Top list feature ( bassically everything crypto-related - wallets, exchanges, mining, credit cards and so on). This one also has a feature dense API for different metrics (prices, volumes and everything else). See bellow how the website looks. 




There it this, this was my 2 parts try to show you how to use metrics and aggregators, in order to better understand the market. Even if you are not a trader by definition, you should use few of these websites and learn you way around, at least to know how to do your own research when you want to select some new coins for your long-term or your short-term portfolio. 

I hope this will help! Have a wonderful new day!


P.S. Igor Tomic, what about a contest with the best posts teaching us or making us learn something useful related to crypto?

P.S. 2  PVMihalache, i told you the Part 2 is coming! Happy now?



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