Do small tasks on EarnCrypto - a better way to get free coins than from most of the faucets

I just realised that not many people know about I tested this website and i got crypto from it on many of my night shifts at work, when i would just stay in front of the computer anyway. The got an impressive list of crypto for you to choose to be paid, i think they got around 70 last time i checked, and it is impossible for you to not find one that you love and believe that it will go to moon. The site itself is quite old, starting in 2016, and i was always paid. 


I was just checking, and i can see that i was getting ADA (Cardano) in January 2017 from this website, my memory was not incorrect to date it late 2016. That one was just grinding on a pay per view option, left open on my work computer. And look at it now, Cardano just had an 18% jump in value yesterday. My instincts were right. In the last 3 years i got BAT, EOS, CURE, GRC and IOTA. On my wild bets, ADA, BAT and EOS were improving a lot, while GRG and CURE are still work in progress. 

What you need to do in order to get paid? Actually, you have few choices, complete surveys, do small jobs, data entry tasks, install apps (i had played few games and got paid for it, yes) and watch videos. 

I can see on one random coin that i was apparently quite active few years ago, but lately i completely forgot about this website, as i focused on Amazon Mechanical Turk instead (free books, it was more important for me at the time than crypto). So when i checked few days ago i was surprised to see that the website is still up and running. I did some IOTA just to test it, and it is working just fine. 


CureCoin History

TX ID Status Amount Time #W28278  Sent -14.39 cure
fee: 0.020 Thursday Dec 27, 2018 11:25 pm EST
Wallet: BKob6pEsVUF6m5eD62yqwxWurQbTtieeuJ
Transaction: f91d69aa4b70797b36759bc6d2d87431973d5f28edddce9744971f1362e0a117 #W27807  Sent -17.58 cure
fee: 0.020 Thursday Dec 20, 2018 2:56 am EST
Wallet: BKob6pEsVUF6m5eD62yqwxWurQbTtieeuJ
Transaction: e8e40d705f1c80b84d95d8c2522d1aee8d9f06c1763e0f1e4fd6cc4c7442cdd4 #W23344  Sent -12.26 cure
fee: 0.020 Friday Oct 5, 2018 10:45 am EST
Wallet: BLNeirkAEMyFbXsmPo8T6GUKsTWoov5ktP
Transaction: 79426569ca1973940a8bc19c110b3518df5caea45d9da151bf01b42d0efcb7b0 #W22830  Sent -4.00 cure
fee: 0.020 Thursday Sep 27, 2018 10:10 am EST
Wallet: BKob6pEsVUF6m5eD62yqwxWurQbTtieeuJ
Transaction: 0703d06e0a52630538a3846dbf5b68c04dce52dca23823e78c7f8161cb91bc65 #W21149  Sent -2.38 cure
fee: 0.020 Thursday Aug 30, 2018 12:10 am EST
Wallet: BKob6pEsVUF6m5eD62yqwxWurQbTtieeuJ
Transaction: 0c504af8709434a9adb1ebd14046cab3b170bdd1b79eec43b8c0b5f81fc1c5c0 #W18135  Sent -1.03 cure
fee: 0.020 Saturday Jun 30, 2018 2:10 am EST
Wallet: BKob6pEsVUF6m5eD62yqwxWurQbTtieeuJ
Transaction: c8632aff4b9de8d3f255119ccbf4919a159aa9d400abe7b200a7e87c87da7342 #W17773  Sent -4.00 cure
fee: 0.020 Wednesday Jun 20, 2018 11:55 pm EST
Wallet: BKob6pEsVUF6m5eD62yqwxWurQbTtieeuJ
Transaction: 149c0c0dd96d9dc67b5d3ed46d027ea06a1f3425f59d20cb952df48d7513af4d #W17723  Sent -1.99 cure
fee: 0.020 Wednesday Jun 20, 2018 3:35 am EST
Wallet: BKob6pEsVUF6m5eD62yqwxWurQbTtieeuJ
Transaction: bb9ffc120540174c1c093c90da71e8b02b87ae301dd63545eb80e222548b7e1c


So, if you have plenty of free time, or some favorite crypto to send to MyCointainer for staking (i am looking at you two, Stratis and BeanCash), feel free to try it. You will get slightly more than most of the faucets, and given enough time, you may build a decent portfolio. Just focus on one coin and keep making more out of it. If you are using Brave and Publish0x, then BAT could be a good choice. Ha! Ha! One friend of mine is telling me he is getting Ethereum and Neo, as both networks with get and essential upgrade in June. Whatever you choose, may the gods of luck be close to you!

I will be glad if i can help you!




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BlockFi (decent interest rates, but less choices than Celsius) - link here

Eobot (mining/wallet )- link here (good rates of interests and monthly promo codes for free cryptocurrencies, 1235256530 => my referral for $10 bonus  )- link here

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MyCointainer (staking and masternodes for some new emerging coins) - link here


Wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies

Coinpot - link here (microwallet for all Moon faucets, Bitfun and Bonusbitcoin)

Atomic wallet - link here (microwallet for Publish0x DAI, BAT and Loopring)

Sphere  wallet (for Horizen, combined with the faucet for extra bonus) - link here  


Free crypto (faucets and more)

Bitfun( 3 min countdown - automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) - link here

Bonusbitcoin( 15 min countdown - automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) - link here

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Moon Bitcoin Cash ( 5 min countdown - automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) - link here

Moon Litecoin ( 5 min countdown - automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) - link here

Moon Dogecoin ( 5 min countdown - automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) - link here

Moon Dash ( 5 min countdown - automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) - link here

Horizen faucet ( 20 hours countdown - automatically deposit to Sphere wallet ) - link here

Tezos  faucet ( 7 days countdown - automatically deposit to Coinbase or Binance wallet ) - link here

Tron and other crypto faucet (24 hours countdown) - link here - paid for survey, videos and typing - link here



Publish0x  blog (Free BAT, DAI and Loopring for reading/writing - can combine with Atomic wallet) - link here

Brave  browser (Free BAT for using it, based on paid ads, very good AdBlocker and high speed) - link here    


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Crypto - I tested it, so you didn't need to...
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