Death Elemental Weekly Battle Challenge || Ep. #51 || Splinterlands

Death Elemental Weekly Battle Challenge || Ep. #51 || Splinterlands

This week we have a card that i am not using very often, but i will give it a try right now. From the Death Splinter, we have the Death Elemental.

death ele.png

Seems to be quite squishy, and i do not like the low life. Let's see how it is behaving. I presume a level 6 can be useful, but i have better cards to use. However, i will try a snipe party, with few snipe Death cards. Let's see how it is going. I have selected 2 tanks in the front, 3 monsters with snipe/opportunity and the undead priest to protect the back. Even with all this, and with Mimosa as Summoner, i still failed to win. I blame my Jester being level one and the shield on the enemy team. I do not like Death splinter very much. I like to play with Fire. And not to get burned. 

But then, i started to play about one month ago, and i still have much to learn. I you want to try the game, link is below. Give me a message on Publish0x  and i can lend you enough cards to get some decent rewards.

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