Chainzarena - earn Tron (TRX) playing games (step-by-step guide)

Chainzarena - earn Tron (TRX) playing games (step-by-step guide)

I was testing one of the most used DAPPS on the Tron network for the last few weeks. It is a funny game called Chainzarena, and it is a good way to make some Tron daily (along with significant amounts of EOS and ETH).

The in-game token is called SOUL, and it is made on Tron network. 


Now i will guide you, step by step, and teach you how to get Tron at a much better rate than staking. You can also receive ETH or EOS, but this is done using a different wallet like for example Metamast for ETH. I will only deal with Tron at the moment, but you can use any of them following the same strategy. 

First, you need to set up an account for the TronLink wallet, which is an extension for Chrome (but works on Brave aswell). It will look like this:



Once you create and account and login, you can start with the game. Inside the wallet will look like this:



Once the TronLink wallet is ready, you need to go on and set up an account on TRX (there is also the option for ETH and EOS, but i was testing the TRX at the moment. The settings button, which is the little avatar showing my level 22, is the one used to link your Tronlink wallet to the in-game wallet. If you don't like the sound, you can also mute it from there, if you keep the game in the background. Once it is done, it will look like this:


This is your starting page. The most used buttons are :

- Summon Circle, where you get the heroes using the scrolls from the battle chest, you need 6 heroes with 3 or more stars for battle and single Arena, and 3 teams of 6 for the Crystal orb Arena. I will say just to have 6 Fire, 6 Earth and 6 Water or Nature. As if you have  3x2 from the same element (Think 3 Fire/3 Earth) or 6/6 (6 Water) in the team will give you extra elemental bonus.

- Altar, where you sell the heroes that you get multiple times. Advice, here you sell all the 1 star Heroes and every  2 stars that you get more than once. 3 and 4 stars heroes you will keep them, as you gonna use them later to upgrade. Do not sell any hero from 3 stars up. 

- Forge is the next one, is the place where you make items for your heroes. You may be tempted, but do not do it, as you will have enough items dropping from battle every day, use all the gold to upgrade your heroes. 

- Exchange, you can use this to buy better heroes once you generate enough Tron daily, as the cheapest legendary hero is around 325 TRX. If you aim to farm Tron, you don't need the exchange. 

-Soul Drops, there are few ways to get the in-game token called Soul, but the easiest and most rewarding one is by buying Hammers fron the Battle Page. I will talk about it later. As you can see bellow there is a 24 hours timer and depending on the Quantity of Soul token that you Freeze (Press Freeze on the obtained Soul) you will get ETH, EOS and TRX. But there is a catch, you need to claim it daily, manually, pressing the Receive All button, or all your frozen Soul will go back to their pool and you lose it. Warning: If you cannot login once per day to claim your crypto, do not invest anything in this game, because you will lose your tokens if you don't login for more than 24 hours. 


- My wallet - this is the next important button on Town Hall page. Using the settings previously, when you started the game, you linked your Tronlink wallet (Chrome extension, remember?), so this is the in-game wallet. You can only withdraw the cryptocurrency that you chose, in my case TRX. But, however, you can exchange the ETH and EOS received into TRX, as you can see on my transaction history. I use the Tron resulted from the Soul staking to buy more hammers, to generate more Soul at the moment, so in return i generate more TRX. On my smaller account, I can buy one 1hour hammer to generate 1.1 Soul every 2-3 days. 


Ok, not you must be bored with all this, so let's see the heroes page. As I said before, you may need every 3 stars and higher heroes to be kept, in order to upgrade. The Rare heroes (blue ones) are usualy upgraded until level 40, as the are limited, having only 2 abilities and can be upgraded maximum to 5 stars. However, the Purple ones (Epic) can be upgraded to 6 stars and have 3 abilities. The Orange ones (Legendary) have 4 abilities - this is the maximum number, and can be upgraded much more. Also they can be used combined (3 of them) to generate another hero. As you start you may want to use a team of six, from the same element, or 3 groups from 3 elements for the elemental bonus (can be  quite good, like 20% more attack or 20% more health) ideally made from purple, but you can complete with blue ones if you don't have enough heroes. Don't worry, by the time you are Level 20 as avatar, you will have thousand of heroes scrolls dropped from the daily chest. 


This is the hero screen. You can see the armor items, they drop from the battles. Down bellow, you have the hero, then you can have skills, using the books dropped from battle. Then you have the Evolve, where you use the lower heroes to upgrade the main ones. 


Next is your main window, where you play and produce SOUL, the Battle window. The Challenge option you use to fight and advance, and the more advanced you are in the Challenge, the better items will drop. The little golden chest is the AFK reward, where you can get resources when you are not online. Also, very important, the hammer on the right, is the place wherre you can buy them with TRX, and they will increase the rewards 10 times, and give you SOUL, which you will freeze after the hammer usage. 


Each Hammer price will increase with the time received, but i would say that the most effective one is the one hour mining hammer, as this is the cheaper way to mine SOUL. You can buy two at the time, so it is better to log in, and buy two 1 hour mining hammer and log in after 2 hours, get the soul and freeze them. This is the main way to mine SOUL cheap, which in return with give you EHT, EOS and TRX.


Next on our  list is the Arena, with the single arena starting right away, and the Crystal Orb Arena once you have the right level (i think it was level 20). The single Arena needs a 6 heroes team, ideally purple heroes with level 40. For the other arena, you need 3 teams of 6 heroes, of the same element or two-elements mix. For the single arena, aim to be in the first 1000, for extra resources, for the Crystal orb arena try to find weaker teams and go up at least to Silver or Gold to start with it. 



And with this done, i hope you may have a good start. The test demonstrated to me that the game is completely scalable with higher amounts and with enough grinding, you may recoved the Tron (TRX) invested in one month, if you continuosly re-invest to get more SOUL tokens. Once you had reach the level wanted, you can sent the Tron accumulated to any wallet you want (preferably to stake it - i am thinking Atomic Wallet or any other exchange you use to stake Tron). In just two weeks, i went from 30 TRX/ month to 330 TRX/month generated by the SOUL staked-in game. In July I will send one week rewards back into my wallet and use the other week to increase the amount of SOUL token staked. 

If you want to find more about Tron, PVMihalache just wrote this very good article about it. 

Next on my list is Elrond, this seems to be one interesting cryptocurrency. Nice return on investment if you stake it. 

I wish you good profits and I hope you will achieve your wildest dreams!



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