Bityard - a hidden gem coming from Far East

Bityard - a hidden gem coming from Far East

Today is a different kind of article, as I am trying my hand in a contest. Why not? It is a contest organized by @pvmihalache on, and the prizes are quite good.

First time when I heard about ++Bityard++ was in December 2020, if I am not mistaken, and boy, they did change quite a bit from back then. It was a contest on Publish0x, and I wrote an article about it called ++Bityard - a honest review based on my not-so-humble experience++. You may have some fun reading it.

And I must add, follow their Twitter too, as they tend to have some interesting contest at least once per week, with 10 consistent prizes, most of the times. The prize is distributed in your ++Bityard++ wallet, so you may want to have one.


They have some interesting sponsorship programes and rewards, which are quite generous, if you are the guy with a wide network.


And I may not forget about this one:



As you can see this important bit, once you achieve Bronze level or more, your Global Partner rank will never expire. You will be rewarded for ever and ever, after that. But enough about partnerships and rewards, what do they have in store for us, the normal people.

First of all, I want to point out that Bityard got 3 licences already, one in US, one in Singapore and another one in Estonia.




Then, they also have this one: Crypto | One-stop trading platform for digital assets - a platform where you can start to trade in less than 30 seconds. If you were a born trader, than you may enjoy here all under one umbrella: Crypto CFD, Derivatives, Forex and according to the team project, very soon, Shares.


If you are worried about your funds safety, just check these measures, one picture is worth 5000 words, right? Another thing that I like is that I can trade quite a bit, even without KYC (are you a conspiracy theorist, you are welcome).


Some other useful information in there? Just read this 'good' part.


Not a mainstream one, yet, Bityard is offering a wide range of opportunities, but then, be advised, you still need to do your own research. Unless you got some really good trader in your eyesight, then you may use their awesome trade-copy feature.

What surprised me, really, was to find here one of the few coins that I am bullish about, RAMP. I am keep farming and buying RAMP lately, and I think that this token has potential as the multi-chain DeFi lending platform that maximizes capital efficiency on your assets. Combined together, RAMP and Bityard is a powerhouse, helping me to increase my portfolio in a easy worry free way.

With all these being said, I let you to check them and discover the other interesting features, such us Daily Mining and some others.

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All the best,

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Crypto - I tested it, so you didn't need to...

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