Bityard - a honest review based on my not-so-humble experience

As i have seen the Bityard contest article on Publish0x, i decided to check on it. I've got to the login page and registered. Quite easy, but when i tried to login, surprise, the email box is suggesting your email, based on a database, i presume. I did not decided yet if this is good or bad. 


The interface is nice and tidy. Let's go inside. I am looking at the account security, it is alright. It has SMS and email authentication, PIN for fast login, and something called real name authentication, which is just a fancy name for the KYC. Anyway, looks safe enough. Now i will take a look at the rest of the website. 

c7bd50d4b7e1712740d75271e74a70dbba461ad2167210ae93054c4f192c74db.pngThe menu is looking similar with other exchanges, the likes of Hotbit and other exchanges of Chinese origin. And as i look at the site it is something missing, even if i cannot pinpoint exactly what. 


I start with More button. Here there is a quite extensive Beginner's guide, a small Contract guide about trading contracts, FAQ with some 10 answers and Announcements, with the latest news, all opening in a different window. I would rather prefer to open in the same window and have a back button, but what can i say. 


When i was looking through the frequently asked questions, one of them made me curious, the one about key differences on Bityard as opposed as the other similar market choices. As you can see, no slippage, no clawback, this is good. Price regulated probably using oracles, from Binance, Okex and Huobi. All of them reliable exchanges, this is also good. Native coin BYD, i have no opinion related to this yet. I need to study it a bit more. Over The Counter deposit. Nice, isn't it? But i notice that this is common in Asia, and not so much in America and Europe. I do not know much about Australia, and i believe OTC is also widespread in Africa. Talking about regulations. And Tether as base currency make it easy to understand the crypto value. Not bad. I like it until now.


And then, looking around, i found this. For hardcore privacy users, this is good. Quite a decent value to use without KYC. If you do not live in a super-industrialized country, you can sort out your life with 1500 USD per month. Living in Poland or Colombia, is more than enough. 


Next on the list, the Promotion bit(yard), an important part of every exchange that I use. They got different little quests, some classed as for beginner, where you can easily get 4 USD. And some more advanced, where you get some minimal bonus for your trading volume, with the 188 USD bonus if you trade 1(one) million. If i would have 1 million, i would not keep it on the exchange, just saying. If you are a daily or frequent trader, you may reach the limit for some lower trading bonuses. As for me, my trading volume is around 1000 USD per month, so it will take me long time to get any promotion from the higher tiers. 



Next on the list, second part of the promotion tab is an intriguing Daily mining. Let's check on it!For what i see, these are some crypto that you can get daily, like some kind of faucet, but you cannot use them outside their website or transfer them, it can only be used trading fees. So, once again, useful is you are trading often. O couldn't find for how long you can keep them once you mined them, so i presume indefinitely at the moment. I got some mined in their native token (8.25  BYD). 


Next tab is spot trading, with a decent amount of DEFI tokens, and after that Derivatives tabs. Now, this is an interesting one, as you can see. You got Crude Oil, Copper, Gold, Silver, Gas, and Shares from US, Germany, China and Japan. For a bit of actions, and this ones are so slow moving compared with crypto. 


And Contracts, were i can see around 10 contracts: ATOM, BCH, BTC, DOT, EOS,ETC, ETH, LTC, TRX, XRP. And finally, the affiliate tab, which was left for last, as it seems worthy to take a look. If you are good with referrals, you are in for a treat. Take a look:


If you ever manage to get 100+ referrals, then you get a whooping 60%  total fee reward. Not bad, especially if you compare with 5-20% offered by the other similar websites. If you want to make your account, please use my link, if possible ( Could be promising, especially if new pairs and cryptocurrencies are introduced. Even more, there is a partner offer, which you can check next. Once you apply you get a 40% commission, and then you got this:


Add this to it:


Shall i say more? Yes, it is more. Newly joined partners of Bityard reaching the trading volume standard within 3 months, they can enjoy a regularization bonus. A bit of shooting stars, but there it is. 500 USD bonus for 5 millions trading volume, 1000 for 10 millions and 1500 for 15 millions. And the latest bonus, this time more achievable:


Overall is a nice site, but i am far from the values mentioned and needed for most of the bonuses. If you think you can do it, be my guest. 


Latest add:

After 5 days, i received the following email:

Dear Trader,
My name is Sal, your personal account manager at Bityard. I will be happy to assist you with all the questions you might have.
I hope you are finding the Bityard platform convenient and easy to use!
I know how important it is to fully understand the platform when trading, so we have prepared a special first deposit promotions for you.


First deposit BTC≥0.5,ETH≥20,EOS≥1900,XRP≥25000,HT≥1200,TRX≥260000 and receive $50

First deposit BTC≥0.05,ETH≥2,EOS≥190,XRP≥2500,HT≥120,TRX≥26000 and receive $5

If you need help depositing funds to your account to start trading or require any assistance, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Also, our customer support team is available 24/7 in case you need an urgent response.

Good luck in trading!

Bityard Team

What can i say, the amount of crypto needed for a bonus is definitely higher than i expected, and i am far from having half a Bitcoin or 20 Ethereum anyway. So, no bonus for me.  


Yours truly, 



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