August - One month in Cryptoverse and its rewards

It was a decent month, but i did not have too many promotions and I lost a bit of profit on Ampleforth liquidity provided on Uniswap (bassically all the profit made on Elrond was burned on Ampleforth). I did had a 25 DAI promo on one of my games, and 2 promo codes on Celsius for 20 USD each to be cashed in on September (after 30 days delay).


Stakecube masternode shares rewards for August are, as per following:

DASH: 0.00803187 ( 0.71 USD)

PIVX: 0.66419056 (0.32 USD)

Rapids: 4044.60 (0.40 USD)

Syscoin: 1.19 (0.11 USD)

Phore: 0.03110400 PHR (0.01 USD)

Total Stakecube: 1.55 USD ( With special mentions that PHR and SYS masternode shares just started at the end of August)

NEO: 3 USD (in GAS)

CoinApp: 6000 XYO (4.70 USD)

Horizen masternode: 4.43 USD (see my weekly payment below for a 42 ZEN masternode)



Chainzarena (game): 1100 TRX (36 USD)

Dogewars (game): 178 DOGE (0.57 USD) (game) : 25 DAI on promotion. 

League of Kingdoms (game) : 3.78 DAI (1 DAI = 1 USD)




Investments, savings 13.58 USD

Blockfi: 0.40 USD 29.86 USD

Publish0X: 10.16 USD

Brave: 18 BAT (6 USD)

Binance and Kucoin exchanges (staking and soft staking): 11.87 USD

Faucets: 16 USD


So, according to my math, i made 16 USD in faucets, 72 USD on CEFI and exchanges, 65.35 USD on games and 13.68 USD on masternodes and direct staking. 

Final amount for August 2020: 167.03 USD


Hope you had a likewise succesfull month like me, if not better!




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