2023 Crypto targets - Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and even Plan D - January - Week 4


As I was checking my numbers, it seems that I need to put everything on paper, or at least write it here, on this post, so I can come back and check at the beginning of next year. I have some priorities, and most of the year I will invest and re-invest in Hive Blockchain, as this is my main priority for 2023, with the aim of reaching Orca level in a couple of years. I am starting with:

6K Hive

25.6K LEO





20 BXT

24 LGN

zero EDS


2.5K GLX

So, what is the plan? Basically, I divided the numbers into 3, pardon 4 lists, 3 related to Hive, and one for the rest of the crypto-market.

Primary objectives:

Hive - 10K on the curation account (5043 now) and the Dolphin level, 2k on the staking account (1312 now) - 1/12 Power Up badges achieved.

Secondary objectives:

Leo - 30K (from 25750 now) and 1/12 LPUD badges - just noticed few days ago that I received a 5K Leo delegation from @khaleelkazi, thanks mate, appreciated! I'll put it to work.

DHEDGE - 5k (from 4590 now) - this is next on the list

ARCHON/ARCHONM - 2% of the total number (from 1.56% now) and raising my rank from 13 to 10.

EDS/EDSMM - I just discovered this one, seems promising, and I started with 50 EDS mini miners, to check them and see how they work. I got 1.12 out of 100 EDS projected for 31.12.2023.

Tertiary objectives:

BROFI - 100 (from 64 now)

BXT - 100 (from 20 now) more Hive

LGN - 100 (from 32 now) more Hive

Blockchain gamesSplinterlands, here I go big or go home:

SPS - 100K (from 77K now)

GLX - 10k (from 3K now)

Buy 100 +10 Genesis league packs and get the Manager license bonus - Decided to not buy them, as I think it will be better to power-up the Hive needed to buy all those packs. Hive just got more priority now.

Max level for all Chaos Legion Cards - 10 remaining (Upgraded Silent Sha-vi and Supply Runner to level 10 this week)

Max level for all Riftwatchers Cards - 38

And outside Hive blockchain, some extensive list of crypto to add to my portfolio:

2.25 BNB

320 USDT - this should be my main priority outside Hive

1.9 EGLD

10 DOT

67 XTZ

19.2 ATOM

8500 REEF

43.6 NEAR

1.8 KSM

This is the initial plan, for the whole year. Next on the list are the DHEDGE and LGN tokens. While I am So, this year objectives, 5 down, 22 to go. Beautiful list, isn't it? I can choose smaller achievable targets, but where is the challenge in doing it?

Objectives achieved list:

++Objective achieved: ALIVE/ALIVEM - I bought 1000 to start, 1077 now.++ (I have also delegated some RC, and I was paid almost 5 Alive for the first week).

++Objective achieved: INDEX - I reached the 500 I wanted for this year.++

++Objective achieved: Buy 100 +10 Chaos Legion packs before the Winter quest expires++

++Objective achieved: 695 ZIL - 705 bought++

++Objective achieved: 70 ADA ZIL - 70 bought++


See you all tomorrow,


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