04.09.2020 - Another day into Cryptoverse


  • Bithumb, the biggest South Korean exchange, was raided by police after an alleged 25 millions dollars fraud related to BXA tokens. This happened already once this week, when police checked on Coinbit exchange because of them pumping fake volumes of crypto sales. 


  • YAM, PASTA, SUSHI, KINCHI, we had a crazy week in DEFI market, yet the total value of crypto locked into the projects reached 9 billions. The biggest TVL (total value locked) is on Uniswap: 1.81 billions, followed by MakerDao. (Out of this, 1.2 billion dollars is just from SUSHI). My personal opinion, if you cannot face the risk, stay far far away from all the DEFI projects.


  • If your Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is asking you for crypto, would you give it to him? The right answer is NO, as hackers managed to break one of his Twitter accounts and do the classic ''give me your crypto'' move. 


  • Loopring (LRC) – LRC token move up 18.35% over the last 24-hour period after it announced the integration of Band Protocol cross-chain oracles to provide price data for all cryptoassets it supports. UMA (UMA) – UMA is a project building “open-source infrastructure for priceless financial contracts on Ethereum” and its UMA token has moved up 17.84% in the last 24 hours to $22.8. This is something that we need as soon as possible. NEM (XEM) – NEM’s XEM token moved up nearly 7% over what appear to be new listing on cryptocurrency exchanges and the seizure of cryptocurrency linked to a major hack that saw hackers steal over $500 million worth of XEM from Coincheck. The price is also moving up over the launch of SYMBOL. Yet, the price is still going up. Who can understand crypto-market? Loki Network (LOKI) has big 30% jump in the last 24 hours. This is a project i folow for some time, and i am annoyed that i did not made a masternode when it was just $1200 as today the price for one is $13,208.29 / 1.23269 BTC. Quite a bit, with daily income $7.9526, weekly income $55.6684, monthly income $238.5788 and yearly income of $2,902.7089. Quite lucrative, right? And the good news, LOKI will be soon on Stakecube. 


  • Following Binance Launchpad example, Coinbase Launch was up and running as per yesterday. They aims to streamline processes involved in building a company in the cryptocurrency industry. Good luck to them. And, as always, keep and eye on the projects they support, and buy early, must be a gem or two between them all.


Greetings from Kathmandu!




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