What cryptocurrencies do I invest?

By EmCe_ldz | Crypto_Maniac | 2 Apr 2020

Hello, in today's post I would like to present to you my investment choices for the nearest period.

In my portfolio you can find quite a lot of different cryptocurrencies. I admit that I happened to buy some currencies in hypu moments and then regret it, but honestly, who did not buy anything under the influence of emotions?

The cryptocurrency market is fluctuating like no other, which gives room for bold investment moves which I will tell you now.


Bitcoin - You don't need to explain anything here, there is only one cryptocurrency king. It is the most expensive, the most stable and the oldest. These features make it a safe investment haven in my eyes and in the long run I am not afraid for my funds.

BAT (Basic Attention Token) - Probably people who have found this blog will not be surprised that I invest in BAT. It is a currency that is revolutionary in several respects. I give us the security and speed that cryptocurrencies provide, but there is something else that in my opinion deters competitors. Namely a product. BAT is a cryptocurrency that works directly with the BRAVE web browser. I do not have to advertise it, in my opinion it is enough that there is a ready product that works and is developed and it gives us a sense of security that in the BAT network is going well and that it is noteworthy.

Other currencies that are in my portfolio and are not worthy of a broader description are LISK, GAME, and XIN.

I will not discuss them because it is a blog about my investment choices and at the moment I think that these currencies do not introduce anything revolutionary.

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