My first withdrawal on KuCoin with 10% more!

By StefanoS | Crypto, make it easy! | 8 Apr 2021

Then, here we are, my first post on Publish0x!

After some months as a reader, I finally decide to become an author of Publish0x, incentivized by promotion on withdrawal that give you 10% more if you decide to use KuCoin.

You can read more to Igor Tomić

Quickly, here I'll show you my experience with some pictures

The minimum deposit on KuCoin is much cheaper than a normal withdraw on chain, you can just hold $0.5 to request it, very useful for small wallet, so on 24 of March I requested to withdraw 0.00643259 ETH and 6.10895778 AMPL.


Some days later...

On 1 of April, I received the communication from Publish0x that payment was successfully occurred on my KuCoin wallet.



When I logged into my account, my balance was $0, so where were my founds?

I accidentally logged into the wrong profile on Kucoin, I recommend this exchange if you want a slight better privacy, you don't need KYC, you may also have multiple profiles, this is the reason of my mistake.

After that, here you can see the total amount of my withdraw.


Ok, at the beginning I told you about a 10% more if you make a withdraw before 6 of April, well, where is it?

Publish0x sent me another email to specify that the bonus will be on my account.


So here the history of my transaction to verify my words!



You can see the difference between the two amount of AMPL, I think it's some kind of fee, despite that I think Publish0x is a good platform to improve your skills, the knowledge is more profitable than $20, also keep an eye on the news of Publish0x, you can find nice tips to understand this nice platform.

Thank you for your time!


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