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Hello everyone,

Today, we're going to speak about TRON and more specially about its future. But first, let's settle things.

1. What is TRON ?

   Of all the cryptocurrencies to follow closely, we cite the TRONIX or rather the TRON. Like the majority of virtual currencies, the Tron works via blockchain. Currently, it is ranked fourteenth on coinmarketcap.com. It has a good quote with a requested volume of over 300 million USD in 24 hours. Inexpensive and in great demand, it would be a value that will allow you to earn money easily. However, the numbers change every day. You should never rely on data provided within 24 hours. To be able to invest, trade and handle a cryptocurrency, you have to base yourself on a large scale.


  1. Why you should invest on TRON

   Tron for its part stands out, but is not yet well defined by some potential users. Of course, you still have to give it time to grow up and prove itself before you say anything. However, here are a few reasons that should encourage you to literally hand over this cryptocurrency:


  1. A) Justin Sun the founder of Tron, who is a former student of Hupan University (an institution created by the founder of the Alibaba group Jack Ma) is a great visionary. You should know that he already founded the Peiwo app, the Chinese Snapchat with 10 million users. In addition, the entire Tron Foundation team has great influence in China and Asia. It’s a team that you don’t learn about the main lines of business and knows how to target successful niches.


  1. b) The Tronix network should be of great interest to developers. This blockchain based on solid security systems and a large number of manipulation technologies promises a revolution in the world of apps. Consumers can also wait for better quality products. In addition, they do not have to give their personal data to a third party when they want to acquire a dapp. We are in 2018 and the price of Tronix is ​​still quite low. Like all crypto currencies which are valued by their programs and their foundations, Tronix will gradually gain in value. So stocking up on Tronix now may be the best idea of ​​the century

  2. Still so many phases to go through


  The actual important phase for the project is called "Odyssey". Odyssey is a phase that will encourage the creation of a virtual community made up of developers and users of the Tron platform. The community will aim to reward developers. The meritors are chosen by consumers, not by a metric system which will assess the number of views or likes, but by a direct voting system. Consumers will therefore be able to directly grant a tip or tip to the developers who are most satisfied with them.


By making its community participate, the project ensures to gain more visibility, making the project more and more reliable. Currently, the project is mocked by a part of the crypto-community, as its main use is for HYIP and gamings sites (gambling, casinos,...), which explains its marketcap (which becomes less and less important)


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