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Big Hope for Polkadot & Polkastarter

By Ariman | Crypto_Life_Style | 2 Nov 2020

Following emotions is really NOT a good feature for a trader, but as soon as I heard about Polkadot I've soon felt bullish about this project.

I will not make a comprehensive Polkadot review, but let's remind that it aims to be the future for the DeFi sector, and a powerfull and real-case useful blockchain. My attention to the Polkadot (DOT) token grew a lot when I noticed that:

  • 1) The exchange Binance added DOT/EUR trading pair.
  • 2) Among the best exchanges, at least Binance and Houbi added a bonus for depositing DOT to their platforms.
  • 3) Binance also introduced a saving plan for the DOT token with high yields.

While point 3) is often not such a good sign about a project token, point 1) is really good since Binance listed really just a few EUR trading pair ( BTC, BNB, ETH, LINK, XRP, SXP and DOT) . 

Binance registration link with 10% timelife discount on trading fees HERE.

The general sentiment looks like that DOT is quickly entering the "Olympus" of the best cryptos, in fact coinmarketcap tells me now that Polkadot is ranked at 9#. I know most of you are just thinking that what I wrote is not original nor interesting, but I whished to show up my appreciation for this token. By following "emotions" I always liked LINK, and have bought some when it was at 1.4 $ :-)  ; for comparison, I always disliked XRP ( dunno why ).

Polkastarter is the main project running on the Polkadot chain and will soon lunch his own "swap" platform; their native token "POLS" , can now be traded on POLONIEX. (POLS/USDT pair). They are focusing on a full KYC compliant integration of their future services.

Here their roadmap:


Time will tell if the Polkadot chain will have some great impact on the crypto world! This is not an investement advice, do your own research!

Thank you for reading, hope I'll make nicier posts in the future !!! Always improve :-)

Ps: one more of my post which I find useful for you, about how to save some fees on transaction, here

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