How to save on transaction fees ---> FTX exchange pays them for you

How to save on transaction fees ---> FTX exchange pays them for you

By Ariman | Crypto_Life_Style | 28 Oct 2020

Hello everybody!  Wish you are doing well :-)

As everybody (almost) here, I do love blockchain and cryptocurrencies , but for one thing :



So in this short post I will suggest you a good tip, that is, you can save some money loss due to fees while transferring your cryptos here and there.

The FTX exchange pays them for you!   They are also currently offering 0% maker fees on ALL markets (even if you go 20x leverage) , till end of 2020, while standard fees are 0.02% Maker and 0.07% taker, really low!!!

If you click on the link above and register, you will be referred , with a 5% trading fees deduction.

This is a great platform, one of top 10 exchange by volumes, and offer a really simple and efficient way of trading derivatives product, like perpetual futures and options, togheter with some spot market for the main coins.  The only condition for you to don't have to pay any transaction fee is to have a higher trading volume than withdrawal volume.

So what I do often is to send some crypto XXX from A to B is to first send Litecoin (LTC)  from A to FTX, exchange for XXX, then sending it to B without any fees.

Why LTC ? simply because is fast and secure, with 0.001 LTC (around 5 cent) fixed transaction fees :-)


Have an happy trading and have a nice day :-)


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