GeniusYield A DEX and AI Project Founded On The Cardano Blockchain

By KryptoKan | Crypto Journey Kan | 6 Sep 2023

What Is GeniusYield

Today we will take a look a what GeniusYield is, this is another project that launched in 2021 on the Cardano Blockchain, since then they have grown their project into a huge part of the blockchain, they are a DEX and AI project, meaning GeniusYield was designed to address the complexity of navigating yield opportunities in DeFi. The teams mission is to democratize DeFi for everyone by providing best-in-class automated liquidity management, powered by AI.


Having their own DEX they do give every detail on how traders, investors, holders can make their transactions in their DOCs "Genius DEX" Section, not only do they explain how to make trades or why, they have given details on what protocols and the reasons beings on the Cardano network. This is honestly the longest section of the DOCs and there is very important and exciting information to gain from there.

"Genius DEX offers powerful features like Smart Swaps, enabling programmable and composable orders, and concentrated liquidity positions, which provides higher capital efficiency and higher yield opportunities."

Genius Academy

The Genius Academy is a program that teaches you everything you need to learn and know about the blockchain, from NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Stable Coins, Safety, pools etc. They also have eBooks and who their educational partners are.

There are also a few video's that you can watch for educational purposes.

"Genius Academy aims to give everyone the knowledge to make educated decisions.

It is crucial to remain on the forefront of technology, apply this knowledge in real life applications and design content to explain complicated concepts to the community."

To learn more about the Academy click to go through to the website with this link.

Genius X

If you are planning to or already own a project you can apply to partner with GeniusYield's launchpad and accelerator project, the amazing team behind the company will help with all tools and guidelines necessary to help a new product that goes onboard with them to have the smoothest and greatest experience.

To learn more click through here.

"Be part of this success! Get access to the most innovative, fully vetted startups through our Genius X Launchpad" 

Genius Pay

The Genius Pay Wallet will be enhanced with security and will enable fast deposits and withdrawals. It will be a non-custodial wallet which means that it will truly decentralize the ecosystem meaning Genius Pay being non-custodial, the platform will have no control over the user's assets, but users have complete control over their assets.


GeniusYield launched in Q2 of 2021 and since then they have grown a lot and they have even more utility to come that'll benefit holders/non-holders to see where the team is at and where they are heading click through to this link, please.

How Can GeniusYield Help Me?

GeniusYield has a lot to offer from both the DEX and AI spectrum, although it's a very complex and diverse project they have details about all of their tools and software's in their DOCs and the community members and team will be more than happy to help you have a better understanding if you decide to reach out to them. 

They also have a whitepaper that I highly recommend you to read as they have modules showing a representation on how things work.

Ambassador Program

The Genius Yield team is looking for talented and hard working individuals to help spread the word about Genius Yield during the ISPO and beyond. There are 4 different tiers to choose from with each one having a different timeframe and month payments per contract, pretty much anyone can be an ambassador, it's all about how far you can reach and how active you are helping out the community and project.

To learn more click through this link to their ambassador website.

If you are looking for a career with a web3 company check out the positions available in this link.

GeniusYield Website and Discord

I wrote this article to help spread the awareness of a project that's been building and growing their presence on the Cardano blockchain, I hope you did find this article interesting and decide to take a look at Genius Yield Website and please do drop a comment below if you have any questions.

Remember to join Gens Discord and Telegram to connect with the community and team.

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