Why Should You Farm FARM on Harvest Finance?
Why Should You Farm FARM on Harvest Finance?

Why Should You Farm FARM on Harvest Finance?

By nervi | Crypto Journalism | 29 Jan 2021

This text is my response to a competition organised on Publish0x, the link to the competition is here. I invite you to read my article.

Since I found out about Harvest.Finance I was very interested in the topic of staking. We make a deposit of our cryptocurrency and the website looks for the right strategy for the cryptocurrency we are going to make money on. You can read more about how it works in my earlier article.

My approach to farming and why I chose FARM is the potential of this cryptocurrency. The process involves depositing our FARM holdings and Harvest.Finance does all the work for us. We in the meantime can attend to our duties, the FARM rewards will systematically come into our account. That is, we receive the currency we deposit.


FARM token price

The current annual percentage yield is 161% so this is a really substantial number.



I think that this strategy is suitable just in time for beginners, including me. Because we don't need to know any other sites where you have to deposit cryptocurrency pairs or know how the whole process works. We can most simply deposit our FARM and wait for growth. And because we only use one cryptocurrency to farm, we save a lot on transactions (users have already saved $17 million!)

I believe that investing in FARM and holding it is a wise move, as it is a worthwhile project with a promising future.

We can make the investment on this website.

And we can easily calculate the estimated earnings on this page.

This was an entry for my #CropSpotter contest. Thank you for reading the article!


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