Big Tech vs Crypto 3

BIG TECH or CRYPTO - EXPERIMENT. Which portfolio will yield higher returns? (#3)

Who will win crypto or Big Tech?


The third month of my experiment.

Details here:


On February 1, stocks and tokens cost:

Big Tech portfolio.

Twitter $38.12
Google $2757.57
Meta $319.00
Robinhood $14.65

Crypto portfolio.

BAT $0.851
LBRY $0.0314
HIVE $0.971
PRE $0.2487
CAKE $7.74

Finally, cryptocurrency prices dropped a bit, so I was able to buy more tokens.


Crypto's portfolio includes [total tokens]:



Big Tech's portfolio includes [total shares]:



As you can see, BIG TECH is cheating and has risen to the lead in the race. Just kidding, of course. Remember, this is going to be a long race and the leader will change frequently, and in the end you know who will win. I'm sure you know.

If you want to know who will win this uneven fight, don't forget to follow my blog. I will try to post a summary of the results each month.


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