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Big Tech vs crypto

BIG TECH or CRYPTO - EXPERIMENT. Which portfolio will yield higher returns?

Who will win crypto or Big Tech?

A month ago, I began an experiment. I will be buying cryptocurrencies every month that will compete with the stock price of the largest BIG TECH companies.

BIG TECH portfolio.

There will be 4 stocks in this portfolio:

  • Meta (Facebook)
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Robinhood

Crypto portfolio.

There will be 5 cryptocurrencies in this portfolio:

  • HIVE
  • BAT
  • PRE
  • LBRY
  • CAKE

The fight won't be easy for tokens because they have to beat the biggest tech companies and the most popular money-losing app for millenials. Will Web3 destroy the monopoly of these companies or will they keep their position in the market?

Who is going to beat Big Tech?

My team consists of 5 cryptos:


A blockchain with enormous potential to replace Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and even Reddit. It's fast, it's cheap, it's got wallet addresses in the form of nicknames instead of characters and numbers.


A web browser that has the ability to block ads or make money off of them. Users who do not set ad blocking receive a portion of the money that Brave earns in the form of BAT tokens. Brave has recently released its web wallet and has plans to create its own DEX.

Try Brave Browser:



Presearch is a search engine that protects your privacy. Are you using DuckDuckGo instead of Google? Great! How about DuckDuckGo built on blockckain? What's more you can get PRE tokens for your searches. Try out how Presearch works.

I would appreciate it if you do through my referral link:



LBRY is somewhat similar to HIVE but it focuses on competing with YouTube. Odysee is basically a YouTube on blockchain. It works very similarly. You can upload videos there but also written articles. For each view of your video by verified users you will receive some LBC tokens.

Want to try LBRY and Odysee?

I would appreciate if you do it through my referral link:



One of the largest decentralized exchanges where you can exchange BSC tokens. I was thinking of choosing Uniswap but ERC20 transaction costs might ruin it.


On November 1, stocks and tokens cost:

Big Tech portfolio.

Twitter $53.54
Google $22960.92
Meta $323.57
Robinhood $34.97

Crypto portfolio

BAT $1.0295
LBRY $0.0458
HIVE $0.7996
PRE $0.2259
CAKE $18.24

On December 1, the stock and tokens cost:

Big Tech portfolio.

Twitter $49.94
Google $2828.39
Meta $322.8
Robinhood $25.94

Crypto portfolio.

BAT $1.61
LBRY $0.0462
HIVE $2.44
PRE $0.249
CAKE $14.11



Big Tech's portfolio includes [total shares]:

Big Tech


Big Tech 2

Crypto's portfolio includes [total tokens]:


Crypto 2

I spend a virtual $50 to buy each Big Tech stock and a real $40 for crypto. The Big Tech portfolio has 4 positions and the crypto portfolio has 5 so it will be easier for us to compare.


Is it a good time to buy cryptocurrencies? One of the worse but this experiment is long-term and therefore I prefer to make purchases every month to average the price. If you want to know who will win this uneven fight, don't forget to follow my blog. I will try to post a summary of the results each month.

Which portfolio do you think will have a better ROI in a few years?

Change your search engine to PRESEARCH. Get 25 PRE for free and earn PRE tokens for searching.


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