Crypto as a reference in your CV?

By handtalk5 | Crypto-Investing | 24 Mar 2022

Part of my job is recruiting and expanding our team. I am reviewing CVs on a daily basis and have seen the weirdest things. People still seem to think I am interested in their hobbies when deciding whether or not to invite them for a job interview. Don't get me wrong, I am interested in you as a person when we get to know each other - but that is after I have decided whether or not I am interested in your skills in the first place.

Reading, traveling and (we are a Swiss company) hiking are the top three of non-unique hobbies you can water down your CV with. However, the really interesting skills which would make you a unique candidate are seldom mentioned. I just recently found out one of my employees is an expert on diabetes and writing a book on special diets for people with that condition. That's like he's a researcher and an author in his spare time and I didn't even know that, leave alone leverage those skills at work.

So far, the only time I had someone mention crypto in their CV was a guy who wrote a thesis about supply chain blockchain technology. I was excited to meet him. We didn't have any immediate use cases for that but it conveyed the impression that he was interested in new technology and applying it to business processes. Sadly, he turned out as a total dud who didn't know a thing about blockchain.

With more and more people treating Play2Earn games like jobs I recently wondered why nobody adds things like that to the timelines in their CVs. We have military service and maternity periods in there. Why not something like this?


7/2019-today | Blockchain Enthusiast
Investor, blogger and player engaging with projects on various blockchains (HIVE, WAX and Ethereum 2nd layer solutions like Polygon, Enjin, Immutable X, Ronin). Strong engagement in the Splinterlands community in different roles:

07/2019-07/2021 | OG Early Adopter
Early NFT adopter among the first 10.000 users during the project’s Beta phase

08/2021-11/2021 | Global Leaderboard eSports Athlete
Promoted to the top 5 guild on the global leaderboard ' Premiere'

12/2021-today | GameFi Investor / NFT Rental Portfolio Manager
Retired from active playing to focus on the blockchain economy aspect of the project. Lending out digital NFT assets, staking the governance token, providing liquidity for DeFi

Splinterlands was one of the first blockchain dApps implementing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that provided a solution to a real world problem (ownership of digital assets) through blockchain technology over two years prior to the 2021 NFT hype. It is now the number one gaming dApp according to
Originally founded on the Steem blockchain, Splinterlands transitioned to the HIVE hardfork, when the Steem PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus became centralized by Justin Sun (founder of the Tron blockchain) utilizing pre-mined stake and support from CEXs (Centralized Exchanges).
Splinterlands has since integrated with various other blockchains, especially by providing bridges to Ethereum and WAX but most notably by launching its government cryptocurrency token SPS (Splintershards) native to the Binance Smart Chain.


That's a lot of buzzwords in there that might trigger just the right people to make me an interesting candidate. In addition to a proper CV and project list of course.

What would your crypto CV look like? Did you ever think about handing it in with your application? Would you invite somebody who does - and for what sort of job?


This post was originally published on the Hive blockchain.

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