THETA the hidden crypto gem.

By KhangsingC | Crypto Information | 21 Aug 2020

For full transparency I hold THETA and am still actively accumulating until 1 USD is reached and only then I will stop buying THETA. This project is being slept on very heavily in my point of view, it has a marketcap of 364 million USD which barely makes it a top 50 coin. It is nearing its ATH that was achieved on May 27th, 2020 which was very recent unlike other coins that are still fighting their way back to their ATH that was achieved in the parabolic bullrun of 2016-2017. Not only does THETA already have an operating streaming platform for people to watch Esports, Rocket launches, Poker tournaments, streamers and still being updated and expanded on. As an avid gamer myself and one who used to watch alot of streamers and consume vast amounts of different media I have personally seen the streaming industry grow from absolutely nothing 10 years ago to the massive corporation it is today and do not see the growth slowing down any time soon.  What makes THETA so unique compared to other streaming services is the fact that you get paid TFUEL to share extra bandwidth to improve overall internet speed and quality of videos. It is also a decentralized video platform which has its many perks especially with all the censorship and management that goes on with other streaming and creator focused platforms. You have to buy 10,000 THETA to start a guardian node which you can then stake to also earn some TFUEL to earn extra money while your THETA appreciates as well. As of now a THETA guardian node is priced at 4,100 USD. Steve Chen the Co-Founder of Youtube is also heavily involved with this project. He believes that THETA will be as disruptive as youtube was in the 2000s and help deliver 4k HD videos across the globe. I have traveled to over 20 countries throughout my life and the potential market of being able to succesfully deliver better and faster internet across the world and in turn use video streaming services one of the most widely used cases of the internet is going to create millionares. As always use great caution with your investments and don't risk more than you are willing to lose. Just because I believe THETA is going to be the next big streaming service doesn't mean it will. 

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Cryptocurrency Investor and Researcher. I am a 20 year old Tibetan-American that belives the digital age is not going to slow down just ramp up. I love to travel and have been to more countries that I can count on my hands.

Crypto Information
Crypto Information

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