What is Bount0x - [ Comprehensive Guide to the Bounty0x Startup]

By Richard M Adrian | Crypto Info | 19 Oct 2019

Bount0x is a bounty hunting platform which is integrated to be a web-based application to help you engage in bounties activities. The big aim of   bount0x is to make it simple to engage in bounties and solve difficulties involved in accessing bounty due to many contributions at the same time. 

Bount0x is designed with unique features that make it more attractive and much easier to use. This Bount0x has a logo which is a sheriff’s badge with a minimalist old western theme as a key feature..

Bount0x is designed to enhance usability by allowing the user to perform specific tasks in bounties by easily searching them by use of a forum known as word-of-mouth. This means by use of bount0x you can easily search for the type of bounties you want to engage yourself in. moreover with bounty0x you can search an activity from the bounty host and launch it on your bounty0x platform. This has majorly reduced the hours bounty hunters were using to search for their campaign of interest.

Bount0x has few procedural features for you to join. You are required to sign up by providing you personal details such as Full Real Names, Email Address, ETHS address; you preferred language and an ETH address.

How to Participate

To ensure transparency bounty uses two types of contribution categories

  • White- listed pre-scale-sale contributors.
  • Non-white listed pre-sale contributors.


White- listed pre-scale-sale contributors.

This category allows only  non US citizens to contribute. Contributor sends money via MyEtherWallet, MetaMask and EthereumWallet only. Worth noting this category has a cap which the member should not exceed if it exceeds the fund will be returned to.

Non-white listed pre-sale contributors.

Similarly to the other category contributors use the same type of wallet which is mentioned above. However this category has no individual cap and no gas limits.

How to Register as a White- listed pre-scale-sale Contributors

  •         Go to bounty0x.io.
  •         From the menu that appears scroll down to BNTY contribution period
  •         Choose contribute
  •         Read and understand the policy and privacy
  •         Accept them by clicking agree
  •         A text will be sent containing Individual cap in ETH.
  •         Send your contribution to the smart contract address.

How to Register as a Non-white listed pre-sale Contributors

  •         Go to bounty0x.io.
  •         From the menu that appears scroll down to BNTY contribution period
  •         Choose contribute
  •         Read and understand the policies and privacy
  •         Accept them by clicking agree
  •         Send your contribution to smart contract address since no individual cap.


Benefits of Bounty0x

Bounty0x provides a decentralized verification mechanism which can be used to by hunter only to take targets. Moreover, bounty0x have addition advantage to make it more convenient to use. This includes;

Transparency policy - bounty0x ensure it has a public closure of all information concerning activities done.

Development details- bounty0x gives weekly update on activities. This update are published in the Bounty0x blog and in the social media platform

Module- bounty0x ensures that bounty campaigns are available to external platform such as GitHub this will help in integration.

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