CronaSwap DEX Platform

CronaSwap - DeFi platform on's Cronos chain

By skcrypto | Crypto in Practice | 23 Nov 2021

On November 8th 2021 launched it's DeFi oriented chain named Cronos. It's an EVM-compatible platform based on the CRO coin.

Main features of the Cronos chain are:

  • Reliability of with 10M users dated February 2021
  • Ethereum and EVM compatibility, which makes it easy to port dApps developed on Ethereum
  • Low fees based on CRO coin to swap tokens, pay for smart contracts and bridge tokens from other chains, like Ethereum
  • Decentralization, scalability, interoperability and open source technology

As soon as Cronos launched, a number of decentralized exchanges (DEX) were readily available.

Among those CronaSwap immediately emerged as one of the most promising.

CronaSwap is a DEX based on the $CRONA token. At present it offers token swapping with the lowest transaction fees (0.25%), farming and staking, with very good APR and APY. Main points of this DEX are:

  • Cronaswap is a fork of PancakeSwap
  • It is listed on Coinmarketcap, see here
  • $CRONA token is a deflationary token with a limited total supply of 300.000.000 and deflationary mechanisms planned with token burnings
  • Strong development with a growing number of collaborations which can be tracked through their socials. They are tweeting daily new collaborations and list active with Zeu$ Finance, Crystl Finance, Any Swap, Autofarm Network, Kafe Finance, Stormswap Finance, Meso Finance, Beefy Finance
  • They are currently being audited by Certik and the audit report will be released soon
  • They are presently proposing an Airdrop program open to all users

You can check price graph of the $CRONA token here on DexScreener

You can also check platform TVL performance graph here on DefiLlama

You can learn more on Cronaswap by reading their easy to read docs here

You can reach the DEX platform by clicking here, you will need a Cronos wallet, the easiest to use is Metamask which will need proper network configuration, look here for reference

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