Crypto and my future

Crypto and my future

By Redblue | Crypto Hopeful | 18 Jul 2021

Hey, this is my first post on here.

I started with crypto last December and got quite lucky... Yeah it was Doge. I bought low and sold high and ever since I've been hooked. Money has always been a worry in my life and don't get me wrong, I still worry but crypto has given me more hope for my future. I've chosen Bitcoin as my main coin because it is the most well known and I reckon it'll hold it's value going forward.


When I can l buy more and add to my collection but for now I'm earning BAT by using the Brave browser which is awesome. CoinBase earn is great also. Just now I've discovered so I'll be using that from now on to get PRE. The Banano community is great and the faucets are good to. There's Reddit and the Reddit Moons which are awesome as well.

Reading up about crypto news on here is amazing and interesting, plus I get Ifarm and AMPL.

My long term plan is to accumulate, stake, and hold because I'm comfortable with the low risk involved. 


I'm just greatfull for crypto, Publish0x and the wonderful things that are happening because of it :)

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Crypto Hopeful
Crypto Hopeful

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