Million TRX goes to your account

By Nengi147 | Crypto headline | 14 Sep 2020

300 points give away on TronLink pro app. existing tron user may still bind thier codes to get more token

πŸ‘‰1. Download TronLink pro app
πŸ‘‰2. Open the app and create account.
πŸ‘‰3. Set password and backup the phrase.
πŸ‘‰4. Click on πŸ‘‰Me and click on πŸ‘‰Friend invitation
πŸ‘‰5. Click on "Claim Rewards" enter this code: 14YY
πŸ‘‰6. No invitation code no 300 points rewardπŸ‘Œ
You can exchange credits for mainstream tokens or candies such as TRX,ETH, BTC,or BTT in the future;



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Crypto headline
Crypto headline

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