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Light⚡Nite | When Fortnite Meets ₿itcoin

By Dharkotron | Crypto Gaming News | 21 May 2020

Finally available in pre-alpha version, the long awaited cartoonish battle royale game is here! Haven't heard of that title yet? Well here is an introduction you might want to read.

The game and the money

Light⚡Nite is a game that ambitions to reward its players with satoshis via the Lightning Network technology. Bounties, in-game treasures, loots and competitions will be ways to earn the digital currency. In game assets, like weapons, skins or characters, will be tradable inside the game using LN for fast and low cost transactions.

The website promises to "Earn bitcoin playing Lightnite", but the scale of the game economy depending of the numbers of transactions inside the system, how much could you earn? Time will tell and the more players the better.


The roadmap

Currently available on the game platform Steam, LightNite is playable on PC, Mac and Linux! Of course, this is just a pre-alpha version. Nonetheless, you can test the game on a practice range, see how it behaves on your computer. Here's how the road-map looks like so far:

  • [✔] April 2019: planning
  • [✔] July 2019: artistic proof of concept
  • [✔] October 2019: early access pre-sale
  • [✔] March 2020: single player
  • [     ] July 2020: multiplayer
  • [     ] August 2020: early access alpha
  • [     ] November 2020: game polishing
  • [     ] December 2020: bitcoin meta-game
  • [     ] January 2021: beta
  • [     ] February 2021: soft launch
  • [     ] March 2021: global release
  • [     ] November 2021: magic release

Hopefully, the Covid crisis won't slow down the game development too much. The devs want also to adapt the game for other platforms (mobile devices) for cross-platform gaming.

Preview of the game

Those are pictures provided by the devs to the community. As you can see, the project is also ambitious on the artistic side. Let's see what it should look like in the future:


Wanna play in the suburbs?


Maybe inside a cavern?


Or in the countryside?


Choose where you want to play

What to expect for now? Well, I invite you to try the game by yourself. Currently you can only play in a practice range / tutorial mode. But it looks pretty legit for what you can expect from a few months into development game.


How to play the game?

  • Buy the game using Bitcoin or a credit card (20$)
  • Go to your dashboard on
  • Click on "DOWNLOAD" in the upper panel
  • Copy your Steam Key and open Steam
  • Click on "ADD A GAME" in the bottom left of your Steam window
  • Click on "Activate a product on Steam..."
  • Paste your game key and confirm
  • Install the game inside Steam software and have fun playing it ;)

Hell Yeah!

Special offer: click the link below to receive a 20% discount on the game

+ 1 skin + 500 satoshis in your in-game wallet!

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