Crypto Freebies 2: IdleEmpire and Presearch

By 3NiGMa | Crypto-Freebies | 2 Jun 2021

Welcome back budding cryptoheads!

Last time, I wrote about how to use Brave and Rollercoin to earn small amounts of free crypto. Today, I am covering two lesser-known platforms that I use daily to increase my crypto profits.



IdleEmpire is a play-and-win based website that has options to redeem your rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. Currently, you can redeem in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens and Litecoin. Completing surveys and watching videos can earn you around a doller at a time, but surprisingly decent amounts of crypto can be earned from simply downloading a free mobile game onto your iPhone or Android, and playing until you reach a certain level. These games can earn you a payout of up to $12 per game, and take one or two weeks to reach your desired level.

Idle Empire has become my main source of free crypto income over the past couple of months aThe sheer amount of ways to withdraw your points is astoundingnd is at the very top of my list of things to try.



The Brave browser is one of the most popular ways to earn free crypto out there. It offers enhanced security, privacy and a very good interface with barely any drawbacks. Braves partner in crime for web browsing is a google alternative called Presearch. Presearch is a search engine that has a similar model to Brave, you sign up for free, then simply use Presearch to search for everything you would on your average day, and Presearch will pay you for it in their own crypto currency called PRE. Presearch offers more privacy than google, and just like Brave, will not steal your data. Presearch also offers a function called keyword staking, where you can earn extra PRE by betting on what search terms will be more searched over the next couple of months. Along with keyword staking, you can spend your precious PRE to place an advertisement of your choice on the Presearch search engine, linked to a keyword of your choice.

The presearch browser works just like Google, but pays you for your searches!


In addition to this, Presearch is a great brave-alternative to IOS users. The Brave browser was taken off the app store last year due to a breach in Apple's App Store protocols. Presearch doesn't breach these protocols, so anyone can download their free browser off the app store, and earn crypto from browsing on their phone!


That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed reading through my article, and good luck earning your PRE and other assorted cryptos! Comment below for any questions or recommendations for future posts!

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