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By ramazancicek | Crypto Fraud | 28 Dec 2020

Small but safe!I am posting this article a bit late due to some mishaps, dear readers. As I mentioned in my previous post, I said that I will introduce the most reliable Telegram bot.


Although the bot language is Turkish, it is a bot that receives a lot of investment. In the Description Section of the bot; We Don't Talk About High Earnings, we come across the word Small But Safe. Cloud mining sites that promise high profits are always a lie. CRYPTO DOGE BANK, on ​​the other hand, trades and investments with your deposited funds. You earn less, but a guaranteed way.

Withdrawal Request: It is 750 Dogecoin.

Let's move on to investment packages if you wish;

Starter Pack🐑

Duration: 20 Days Minimum Investment: 250 Ɖ Profit rate: 7%

Big Package🐏

Duration: 25 Days Minimum Investment: 5.000Ɖ Profit Rate: 12%

Mega Pack🐐

Duration: 30 Days Minimum Investment: 15,000 Ɖ Profit Rate: 15%

Super Pack🐕

Duration: 45 Days Minimum Investment: 35,000 Ɖ Profit Rate: 23%


The most reliable system👍🏻 you will not regret

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Crypto Fraud
Crypto Fraud

We are deceived by systems that promise good profits, and so we are tired of constantly losing.

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