How to buy #HumbleCoin on Binance Smart Chain

How to buy #HumbleCoin on Binance Smart Chain

By SpoilerAlert | Crypto For Monkes | 20 Oct 2021

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#HumbleCoin (#HC)! If you haven't heard of this token yet, it's a fun coin created by the geniuses behind the popular Bean and Superbad show on Twitch. Originally a token designed for promoting multimedia events and streams, this token has taken on a life of its own, with a vibrant community and a raft of fun and exciting projects in the pipeline.

With the upcoming roll out of staking rewards and their own Folding@Home rewards program, the question of how to buy #HumbleCoin is getting asked more and more often. The good news is that because #HC is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), it is relatively straightforward to buy, and gas fees a much lower than coins listed on the Ethereum Main net.

Enough already! Here's how to get your hands on some of that sweet #HumbleCoin:

Before we actually make the purchase, you're going to need a few things:

  1. First off, you're going to need a wallet. This tutorial uses MetaMask, but Trust Wallet works fine too. Add the BSC network to your wallet, and then add the #HC token.
  2. Beg, Borrow, or Buy some "Smart Chain" BNB for gas fees. Beware, there are 2 types of BNB tokens, so if you're not sure what to get, read this article first. Alternatively, the #HumbleJungle discord is a good place to start looking for BNB drops. Lastly, you can buy Smart Chain BSB via Coinex if you want to purchase some directly with a no-KYC experience. You'll only need a few dollars worth for fees, but it's a good practice to have a store of it to make future purchases less of a hassle.
  3. Another BSC coin to trade. We'll be using Pancake Swap to buy our #HC, so you'll need a coin that's already listed there. Most exchanges will sell you CAKE, which is the main token on Pancake Swap, otherwise you can bump up your BNB order and just use that.

Once you have the basics done, the next steps are easy:

  1. In Metamask, open the Browser from the main menu
  2. Navigate to
  3. The first time you go to Pancake Swap, you will need to click the Connect Wallet button to link your wallet. Once this is done, it will happen automatically each time you visit. Remember, do this from within MetaMask's browser, not your regular web browser.
  4. Pick the token you want to swap
  5. Select #HC. If you can't see it listed, you will need to add it manually via the Manage Tokens>Tokens menu. The contract details are:

    Contract ID: 0xf65e64f2a7a625fbd5635dca9487244bc1983a84
    Token: #HC
    Precision: 18

  6. Click Swap. You will be prompted to pay gas fees in BNB to complete the transaction. These are usually between 10 and 30 cents at the time of writing, but it will vary depending on network usage.

And that's it! Once you've completed the swap, you will see the #HC token value in your wallet increase by the amount you just purchased. Congratulations, you're now officially a #Humble Hodler!


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Crypto For Monkes

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