Dipping Toes in Theta, 2 Week Update

By Taotao | Crypto for Dabblers | 3 Nov 2021

I've been playing with Theta's Edge Node for a little over two weeks now (see my first blog post here) and here is how things have shaken out so far.

I am in my third week, and my trusty little laptop has been running the node in the background. It has worked at earning me 2.2762 TFuel during this time. When I began on the 15th of October, TFuel was worth 0.292$.  TFuel is currently at 0.3603$.  That is to say that the node has earned me 0.82$ so far in a little under three weeks.  

I have completed 8 projects, varying in payment of 0.16 TFuel to 0.208 for my largest project.  Projects typically take one or two days to complete.  Considering I am running the node on a MacBook Air, I'm fairly certain that a computer with better processing power would see significantly better results in much less time.

So far, running the node has had no affect on my laptop use and everything runs smoothly and at the same speed as before I installed it.  My laptop is definitely a little warmer than usual since it is running all of the time, but I am not experiencing any extreme heat/overheating. Considering this, I see no reason to terminate the experiment at this time.

The other thing to note is that I have not yet earned enough TFuel to be able to cash out.  TFuel is paid out in the first week of the month.  The minimum payout is 3 TFuel, and since this is the beginning of the month and I have only 2.2762 TFuel, it is highly unlikely that I'll have earned 3 tokens by the end of this first week.  Most projects earn well below the minimum that I would need to reach 3 tokens.

That's it for this update.  I will continue to run the node and post my progress here.


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