How I Scored 11 Brave Referrals (~300 BAT) in 2 Hours (Step-by-Step Guide)
brave referral program

How I Scored 11 Brave Referrals (~300 BAT) in 2 Hours (Step-by-Step Guide)

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 28 Jun 2020

TL;DR: How to referral-blitz on Twitter with only 80 followers


*Disclaimer: By sharing my sometimes-questionable marketing strategies with you, I am NOT suggesting that you go spam-crazy on the internet! Always be respectful, and follow good social media etiquette.*


Hello, friends!

If you read my recent post on my personal BAT growth goals, you'll know that I like setting absurdly high bars from myself.

Yesterday, I took my first step in making this lofty target possible!

For today's strategy breakdown, we'll be using Twitter. And for those wondering, no--you don't need thousands of followers for this strategy to work. I have less than 100, and the process was still ultra-effective!

I'll be breaking this referral blitz strategy into 5 main Phases:


  • Phase 1: Profile prep
  • Phase 2: Show love
  • Phase 3: Enter the fray
  • Phase 4: Hunt for leads
  • Phase 5: Keep momentum


Phase 1: Prep the profile

1. First off, I changed all social media bio links to include my Brave referral. (Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter).

2. Add indication of Brave/BAT verification to bio text, announcing that the BAT tip jar is officially open for business.

brave verified twitter

Once those looked good, I made sure my most recent post on Twitter was Brave-related and PINNED. This brings us to Phase 2...


Phase 2: Share love to receive love

First, I wrote a heartfelt, concise, and attention-grabbing post about why Brave and BAT are awesome, and PINNED it to the top of my feed.

Second, I added a second tweet to the thread, shouting out as many Brave/BAT team members as I could find on Twitter:

ben wehrman twitter

brave team twitter

Now, while we're waiting for that post to catch some attention...


Phase 3: Enter the fray

Here come the meat & potatoes of the master plan!

This Phase has a little more depth to it, so I'll break it into bite-size pieces:

  • Research relevant authority figures (preferably with 7-figure+ followers) in the internet privacy/anti big tech/data freedom field. I narrowed my list down to 3, but focused my efforts on 1 in particular, which you'll see below.
  • Follow the finalists, and turn on new Tweet notifications for each to make sure I'm the first to engage with their new content
  • Choose a target tweet: a recent, high-engagement post that will strike a chord with Brave's target audience.


My Target Tweet:

andrew yang tweet

13 hours old is a bit on the old side, but the relevance of this one was too sweet to pass up. HIGHLY likely to rile up people that are eager jump on the Fuck Facebook bandwagon, and take a stand against big tech. (It just so happens that I know just the perfect browser to help them do that... ;) )

brave browser tweet

My contribution. Quick, and to the point!

For better or for worse, Twitter mobile hides URLs (and therefore affiliate extensions) when you post links. It's a bit sneaky for sure...but hey, sometimes you gotta use the tools at your disposal ;)


Phase 4: Hunt for warm leads

Now that I've found a post with high likelyhood of well-qualified commenters (people that would be most likely to be interested in Brave's value proposition) it's time to get proactive:

brave browser twitter

Use ASSUMPTIVE LANGUAGE. Instead of "Have you heard of Brave?" Say, "Have you switched to Brave yet?" This may seem insignificant, but it triggers that subtle feeling of " I missing out on something?"


Phase 5: Maintain momentum

By now, my notifications were blowing up with likes and retweets from Phase 2, 3, and 4.

At this point, it's all about carrying on this engagement momentum, by continuing to converse with the accounts that showed the highest amount of interest in my Brave link (bigger comment thread = higher engagement = good for algorithm = more engagement. The dream snowball effect!)

The most important thing to remember during this Phase is to listen closely to what people are saying, and give them AWESOME answers:

Example 1:

brave on twitter

Example 2:

twitter conversation

Important note: If you've done a good job sourcing a quality Target Tweet, then the majority of people will be genuinely curious about your proposition. But of course, there will usually be a few people that take swipes at things they've never heard of.

In real life, you wouldn't waste a moment of your time with these haters, but on Twitter, things are different. Remember: All social media algorithms love comments, and computer code doesn't discriminate between positive and negative intentions!

In fact, controversial content consistently does better than the purely positive.

So, take these haters in stride! They're doing you a big favor.


Momentum, momentum, momentum.

Continue this process of engaging, commenting, replying, etc. for as long as the ball is rolling, and you should see great results!

In this quick session, I earned about 15 new Twitter followers, 100+ likes, and 15 or so retweets (including one from the big man himself!)

brendan eich twitter


To me, the interactions are far more important than a few referrals.

It feels damn good to spread the word on an awesome project, and voice your support toward those making it possible! We live in a FUD-packed world, so the value of simply telling someone "you're awesome" goes a long way.

But, for those that came for the numbers, here's the final score:

brave referral program


Not bad for a couple hours of Twitter tappin'!

To be fair, I am making a couple of assumptions here:

1. All installations becoming confirmations

It's unlikely that they'll all convert, but I'm still going with 11 since there are also 7 people from the "Download" pile that I expect to cover the difference.

2. All downloads will be in Group 1 for $7.50 USD (~28 BAT)

This is one of the reasons why I chose the Target Tweet that I did. Andrew Yang is a big name on Twitter with over 1.5 million followers, but his fanbase is almost entirely American. That means Group 1 payouts should be expected for most or all of my referrals.

Tip: Every country has different payout levels, so be sure to keep that in mind when finding influencers to engage with. The full country payout list can be found here.


NOW, again, I must insist that you do NOT take this post as an endorsement to run out there and spam the crap out of your referral link to everyone you can find!


The Brave & BAT community has been blessed with an awesome product to promote. It is CRUCIAL that we do not waste this opportunity by becoming mindless spam-bots.

Always remember the #1 rule of affiliate marketing: PROVIDE STRONG VALUE. Foster relationships, help folks, and ultimately MAKE. PEOPLE. HAPPY.

Once you can successfully do this, everything else will fall into place :)

brave browser twitter


I hope you've enjoyed this breakdown of my latest BAT-growth marketing campaign!

If you the post, don't forget to follow me! I've got TONS of awesome BAT growth strategies coming up that I can't wait to share with you.

Until next time...




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