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Brave VPN + Firewall Released!

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 1 Sep 2020

Quick note before we get started...
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Hello friends!

Anyone here like Brave news?

I like Brave news.

Recently, Guardian and Brave teamed up to bring Brave users on iOS (*sad Android noises*) the safest and most private web browsing experience available, with the brand new Brave VPN + Firewall service!

Most of us have a basic understanding of what VPNs are, but this one stands out from the rest for one main reason:

It works by encrypting device traffic and securing your data, both in Brave, and in any other app on your device. Device-wide coverage prevents unauthorized data and location trackers, blocks ads, and ensures you always remain anonymous no matter which app you're using. For example, when you launch Amazon's app on your phone, the Brave VPN + Firewall ensures that your privacy is as strongly protected as when browsing Amazon from within the Brave Browser app.
-Official announcement

This is very awesome. As an Android user, I'm pretty jealous of you Apple folks on this one.

How much does it cost?

To help folks get a feel for things, Brave is giving everyone a free 7-day trial, but after that, there are 2 plans for you to choose from:

  • $9.99/month
  • $99.99/year

If security is important for you, I don't see why you'd want to choose the monthly option--unless perhaps you're on a low budget, and just want an extra layer of protection while traveling and using lots of public WiFi. (I did this while backpacking in southeast Asia.)

Can you buy it with BAT? This is a bit awkward--but they emphasize that it's for security purposes during the early phases of launch, and will be opened up to BAT soon:

Users can purchase this via In-App Purchase from the Brave iPhone/iPad app. Note that the use of Apple’s In-App Purchase functionality means that no user billing information is ever exchanged.
-Official Announcement

How do you do subscribe?

If you're on iOS, you can subscribe to VPN + Firewall by going into you Brave App --> Settings --> Brave Firewall + VPN.

As a nice bonus, you can use that subscription on up to 5 devices!

Need tech support?

They're available 24/7! Just go to Brave App --> Settings --> Brave Firewall + VPN --> Contact Technical Support


That's all there is to it, folks!

Don't have too much fun without me...they claim that it's coming to Android soon, so I'll be waiting patiently! :D



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