Big News for E-Commerce: "Pay With BAT" Functionality Coming Soon!
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Big News for E-Commerce: "Pay With BAT" Functionality Coming Soon!

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 21 Jun 2020

The E-Commerce space is about to get a crypto overhaul.

According to the Basic Attention Token (BAT) development team, the long-awaited "Pay with BAT" is "[complete] and will be rolling out in the near future."

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If you utilize E-Commerce for your online business, this is is primed to be a game-changer for your sales numbers.

As many digital shoppers still feel hesitant to put their security on the line by adding their credit/debit card details online (especially outside of recognizable names like Amazon), it's not hard to imagine a sizable uptick in conversion rates for smaller online stores across the web who jump on this built-in Brave currency (BAT) payment functionality on their storefronts.

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According to the GitHub page for the project, implementation of the "Pay with BAT" button by merchants should be very straightforward.

Remember to subscribe for more updates -- I'll be following this story closely as I know there are lots of dropshippers, affiliate marketers, and other online entrepreneurs that will stand to benefit enormously from this exciting new payment option!


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