First of all THANK YOU for reading my first article hoping it will be the first of many useful articles for all THE CRYPTO COMMUNITY mainly for beginners!!! I am fairly new to this “WORLD” with just a few months track records on CRYPTOS, but from my own experience I decided to share the knowledge acquired hoping to make it easier to all new comers to the CRYPTO´S ECOSYSTEM. 

           If you want to benefit economically from cryptocurrencies and help your knowledge
             about CRYPTOS, to improve your financial freedom, you´ve come to the right place.  




I hope my writing skills will improve so that I will be able to write good quality articles, so any critical thinking is more than WELCOME, please feel FREE to comment + or -

                                 A I R D R O P S 


AIRDROPS are usually given when a CRYPTO PROJECT gives away TOKENS or Crypto Coins for free to the community, Crypto tokens are a type of cryptocurrency just in case you are not familiar with the terminology.

YES THAT´S RIGHT FOR FREE!!!ffcd92b4d7d8a237d55f914a87fe18280f786a7191cac2f78c8aae5ffd8473f9.jpeg

Why is it for FREE?
The answer is simple, they want to gain visibility, MARKETING, TO THE LAUNCH OF THEIR ICO (Initial Coin Offering) so that more people will get to know the project by spreading awareness, and improve distribution and appreciation of the tokens.

How do I find AIRDROPS?
without any experience at all to


Coinbase is an EXCHANGE SECURE PLATFORM that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.
Just by following the link  you´ll be able to sign up and follow the instructions, watch a few short videos, answer a very easy survey and you´ll get free coins, sounds easy to me.

Coinbase is the best way to have your first crypto experience without investing a penny, you can make over $150 easily without any effort and what is best, you will get some basic education from videos that are very helpful for your CRYPTO SECURE INVESTMENTS IN THE FUTURE!!!!!
After you get through Coinbase I recommend you to visit, and if needed subscribe to, the following:

With these 6 AIRDROP´S LINKS, believe me, you´ll be more than set for a great crypto experience AIRDROP knowledge.

What do you need to participate in AIRDROPS?

To begin with you´ll need a WALLET not associated to any exchange platform.


The wallets I like the most are:

I fully recommend that you read a bit about wallets first as some are better than others and not all wallets are good for all crypto currencies.

OK, you have a wallet and now what?

Once you get interested on an AIRDROP you just have to follow the steps that each AIRDROP gives you in just a few days or weeks you´ll have your free coins in your wallet.

My recommendation is that you leave your free coins in your wallet for a while until they get higher value and get listed in an exchange so then you´ll be able to sell those TOKENS without any problems for a profit.

It is worth taking into account that some times you´ll need to add the TOKEN to your wallet in order to receive your "hard earned" REWARD so be careful that your wallet allows you to receive the TOKEN that you applied for IF NOT you can always add the TOKEN to your wallet and then go for the airdrop!!!

What steps I´ll need to do in order to receive my free tokens?

Most AIRDROPS will ask you to join to their telegram channel and to follow or JOIN their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn............

This can vary depending from one AIRDROP to another, usually they´ll ask you for your email and to complete a small survey.

Some people will create alternative telegram and Twitter accounts so that will not get bother all time with non-sense messages.

                          BASIC RULES AND IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW!!!!


RULE #1 - Never give away your secret passwords to anyone, I mean neither from your - wallets nor exchages like Coinbase

RULE #2 - Never send money or ETH or BTC to any airdrop


By following these 2 GOLDEN RULES you´ll be safe as it is worth taking into account that there are many SCAMS around

I recommend that you create a new email account so you´ll receive notifications and updates to that account instead of your personal email address.

On the following articles I will try to share different strategies 100% to help you answer most crypto investors early questions  and to achieve better and higher results.

My advice is that by DIY & following tips and tricks you´ll become a more educated investor when it comes down to crypto investing.

Another thing to advice you on is to invest time in your crypto education by

reading proper articles and visiting professional web pages

This is one of the reasons I fa47eeda26f5f94e5c14fc1bf9801cced665e62ef21f728470d525e5a93e6ccf.jpeg

Because of all the knowledge that you can get

from a crypto FRIENDLY investors community

Remember!!! Money and profits come too from a well educated financial background to make your future investments a lot easier and safer.

SOME LINKS that are worth exploring FOR FREE COINS AND FREE $$$

remember just follow, register and start earning TOP site for investing without any experience AT ALL, FULLY RECOMMEND IT Interesting project to get $$$ and then invest in cryptocurrencies, haven´t made a withdrawal yet but it´s FREE IT WORKS, Already made 2 withdrawals just by asking and answering questions.  Be aware that Diropia COIN DGDX is only available on 2 exchanges right now, so be careful when you do withdrawal to your wallet as you might need to create the DGDX TOKEN ONE OF MY FAVOURITES get $2.50 to $3 everyday just by watching videos and get a monthly withdrawal so that you can then invest in cryptos.









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Crypto for BEGINNERS
Crypto for BEGINNERS

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