Why is HYDRO so low value?

Why is HYDRO so low value?

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 17 Jan 2020


Hydro labs has been on fire lately.

They've built the world's most secure online wallet.

They've signed deals with MasterCard.

They've developed a crazy amount of tech in such a short time, and they've done a lot more in the past year or so.

Yet, their token is so devalued.

I mean, the limit to withdraw on Publish0x is about 700 HYDRO tokens, which is worth about $0.50! For comparison, BAT is 2.60 minimum withdrawal, and that's worth the same price.

The question is why? Why is it that with all these amazing forward thinking upgrades, the HYDRO project token is of very low value, and it's hardly traded on any major exchanges?

The answer is simple. People don't care about the project.

If people cared about the project, HYDRO would be more valuable than BAT or even ETH.

And there's a good reason why people don't care about the project.

They're out there to make profits.

You can't care about the project and make quick profits at the same time. It doesn't work that way.

Everyone wants quick profits as soon as possible, and HYDRO doesn't deliver on that.

It's a slow paced, methodical token that will eventually moon once it's been noticed.

But that's the major reason why the token is priced so low.

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