Why I love Ripple, despite it's drawbacks

Why I love Ripple, despite it's drawbacks

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 17 Jan 2020

Ripple is very controversial.

It's centralised. It's surprising low cost. And it's creator also created Stellar and holds half of the ripple that will ever be created in a private wallet 

Needless to say, Ripple has IRS own fair share of controversies.

But u still love XRP, and here's why.

1. It's great to daytrade

It costs so little that tiny price movements can lead to surprising profits left in your pocket. Needless to say, you could get rich trading $300 or $409 worth of Ripple, and that's with minimal effort.

Ripple easily moves 0.5% a day, and that can lead to some serious profits on your side if you know what you're doing.

Currently, Ripple makes up a whooping 25% of my personal portfolio, and that's a lot for the number of Cryptocurrencies I keep.

If you're a crypto trader and you don't have XRP in your portfolio,you should consider adding it.

2. It's the future literally

Ripple was created to facilitate cross border payments instantly. It's like SEPA, but faster, cheaper and just better. I have personally sent XRP from over here in Florida to my friend in Britain, and it arrived in less than 1 minute. Sure it was a small amount, but imagine the possibilities for the future.

3. Ripple will moon this year

Lastly, I love XRP because, and you can quite me on this, it will moon this year. All it's stars are in alignment.

Ripple recently sued a large body, and should they win the case, it'll bring a lot if attention, and money to ripples doorstep. Also, ripple is set to sign a lot of big brand deals this year, so add that to the mix, and you can see why I live ripple!


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