The definitive, comprehensive guide to getting free crypto.(Mostly passively)

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 17 Jan 2020

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You'd want to get settled down to read this. This isn't your usual 'get free crypto' post, because I'm not including faucets or micro earning sites or any of that sort.

In this post, you'll learn exactly how to get free crypto without doing much work at all(most of them require app downloads or sign ups)

Let's get into this post!

(Pro tip: This isn't a way to earn free crypto, but you can exchange between cryptocurrencies for free using Changelly. They'll do it feeless till the end of this month, so grab that offer here!)

1. ETN app

Electroneum, or ETN as it's popularly known is one of the better Ripple alternatives for developed and mostly developing countries. Electroneum is a payment solution allowing users to receive and send payments in it's native currency ETN.

But you don't care about that! You want to know how to get free crypto from them. Well, you can download their Electroneum app from both the Playstore and app store, and you'll start cloud mining electroneum immediately! Upon sign-up, you'd get about 25 free tokens, worth about  $0.5, but using my referral code,  8D999C gives you 50 tokens instead and an extra 20% on whatever you mine. Try it out today!

2. Birdchain app

It seems like it's mostly apps that give out free crypto, and this isn't an exception! The birdchain app will pay you to view it's 10 second ads. It pays you in BIRD tokens, each of which is worth about $0.1. You can earn about 3-10 BIRD tokens for each ad you view, and you don't even need to view the whole ad to get paid!(I think this is a system bug, so ride it while you can!)

To receive 30 free BIRD tokens on sign-up($3), you have to sign up and open the app at least once a day, inorder for your account to not get dormant.

Download it from here.

3. Free Litecoin app

This app gives you free Litecoin every hour just for spinning the wheel of fortune! It is a certain fact that you will ALWAYS get a reward from spinning the wheel every time you try, so that's also a win win.

You don't have to watch any ads to earn, but you could view ads to give you more spins incase you didn't get your desired prize. There is also a 100000 LTC jackpot every now and then, so that's a bonus too!

The creators of this app even publish here on Publish0x, so you can hit them up if you have any complaints.

Download the app here.

4. Luno

Luno is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets you purchase a wide range of cryptocurrencies using almost any payment method, from bank transfer to credit and debit card payments. One of the great things about Luno is that they will give you your cryptocurrency before your payment arrives (if you use SEPA), which is just awesome.

Currently, they're running s campaign where if you buy a minimum of $5 worth of Bitcoin, you'd get $5 extra making it $10. And you can withdraw this money instantly if you do desire.

Get the app here.

So, not exactly effortless free money, but it's free money!

There you have it! Ways to get free crypto in 2020! Did I miss out anything? Tell me down below!

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