Cryptocurrencies I have in my wallet, and how much they take up!(in USD)

Cryptocurrencies I have in my wallet, and how much they take up!(in USD)

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 28 May 2020

Hello, and welcome to another article. In today's article, I'm going to tell you what cryptocurrencies I have in my hodling wallet currently, as well as how much in USD they cost me. 

A disclaimer first: My trading wallet is bigger than my hodling wallet, and this wallet has been in the works since 2017. So no one should think I'm super rich or anything. I bought them in 2017 and have held them since.


1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin makes up only 25% of my hodling balance. I bought some Bitcoin (about 5 or so)in 2017 when it was worth just over 1000 dollars. Later that year, it became 18000 on the exchange I was using, so I sold 3 for a whopping 54000 dollars, which gave me my money back, and also gave me a start to my trading journey. I actually kept the other 2 out of greed, to see if it could reach 50000 dollars, but we crashed down to about 13000, which was when I decided to sell the other 2, and then bought them back at sub 3ks. Fun times.

Currently, I have just 2 bitcoins in my hodling balance, and I'm hoping to add some more this year. That means that the Bitcoin in my wallet is approximately $18000. 


2. Ethereum

I haven't seen anyone who hodls Bitcoin that doesn't do the same for Ethereum. The story was the same for Ethereum, with me buying some in 2017, and selling into the bull run only to buy back into the dump and still have some today. My current balance is about 25ETH, which costs roughly 5000 dollars, so not a lot. In reality, it only cost me sub 2ks, which makes a lot more sense for a student.


3. EOS

I only just bought this one recently, at $1.5 per EOS. I bought 150 EOS for $225, and that account is currently worth about $150, so not bad at all. I really want to tell you what interested me and let me buy into EOS when it was cheap, but to be honest, I can't remember why. I just remember learning the name, and going to spend some money on it. This is my smallest holding, and I really wish I went all in on it. Still decent returns on it.


4. XTZ

I got wound of XTZ after its 100% move late last year. I'm not one to FOMO in, because of the lessons I've learnt doing that. So I patiently deleted the Coinmarketcap tab of XTZ,set alerts to the price I wanted to buy it at, and waited. When the world's markets dumped in March, my alerts went off, and I bought around $1.70 dollars. I spent 3000 dollars in total o. XTZ, which was 1500 more than I wanted to spend, and I was broke for the rest of March. Which was why I really started writing here in March, in an attempt to get some money to actually eat. I own 1764XTZ after fees.


5. Chain link (LINK)

This is my only holding that is somewhat down, and I can't wait for it's spirits to be lifted this alt season. I also bought LINK during the March crash, but I sold some when it almost returned back in value. I had no idea LINK had such utility. I only bought it because if the spikes I saw on its chart. I was forced to FOMO in, and my account is down about 1.5%. I still have about 150LINK


6. BAT

This is the only holding I can say I got for free, because it was purchased with only Publish0x money! That's right. I am a proud owner of 600BAT, all from Publish0x. 

Back when we were earning Hydro, I found it difficult to withdraw any hydro because it just wasn't getting tipped enough. So I saved my BAT and used my DAI to also get BAT, so I was getting BAT twice as fast. The portfolio is still growing, and every week, I add to it. My goal is to have 10000BAT in holdings, and I'm sure I'll achieve that someday.


Thanks for reading guys!



In the eternal quest for crypto fulfilment. I'm an obese frog on the internet, what I say most definitely isn't financial advice.

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