Can $DEC replace $BAT? Probably.

Can $DEC replace $BAT? Probably.

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 30 Sep 2020

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Now let's get started!

First off, what is DEC? 

If you read my previous post, you'd understand what it is. But if you didn't, I got you.

Basically, DEC is a service that allows you to decentralise your data and sell it to companies that need it at your own rates.

Basically, you own and control your data however you like. You can decide to monetize it or just to keep it off the hands of advertisers.

It's like Brave, but more useful and decentralised. Also on steroids.

And I personally feel that it will 100% replace Brave as the major browser and data protector soon.

I of course have some reasons for that. Let's see them shall we?

  • DEC is new. Very new. It's less than a year old. While this seems like a very unimportant factor, it is actually very important. People tend to prefer new things to old, regardless of whether the new is more efficient than the old. In this case, DEC is new and is more useful than BAT. This, in my opinion is a major advantage DEC has over BAT.
  • It's actually more useful: Brave gas a browser and that's it. You know your data is protected, but Brave actually uses it (albeit in a safe way) to serve you ads. While this is all well and good, Brave pays you peanuts for viewing the ads that YOUR data brought about. In a sense, you're the product although you get paid. With DEC however, your data is still protected, but you can choose to make money off it or not. Which in my opinion is a much better use of data.
  • Brave is centralised. Period.: Brave seems to be decentralised, but in reality they're not. They require you to use a centralised service to receive your rewards, which kind of makes the whole decentralisation thing seem irrelevant. DEC on the other hand allows you to collect your tokens to your wallet whenever you like. 

There are more reasons I have for choosing DEC over BAT, such as staking, pooling and possibly farming in the future, but those can be gotten from a quick read from DEC's website.

What do you think? Will DEC replace BAT? Will BAT triumph? Let me know your thoughts below!

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Thanks for reading.


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